Delaware: It’s Not Just for Abstinence Any More

So, how are things going in that minor primary we haven’t been paying attention to?

The chairman of the Delaware Republican Party received a death threat last week over his support for Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del) over Tea Party challenger Christine O’Donnell in the state’s upcoming Senate primary, a party official confirmed to the Huffington Post.

The threat, issued in the form of an email, told chairman Tom Ross that he deserves “a bullet in the head” for backing “political ass-kissing RINO’s” [Republicans in name only].

“It is one thing to have your country screwed over by socialists, it is far worse to be backstabbed by people pretending to be your friends,” the email read. “We will either rid the GOP of pieces of shit like you, or we will start a new ‘Common Sense Conservative’ party and render you all useless.”

Common Sense Conservative, Common Sense Conservative… Where have we heard that before?

Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to email a death threat, we’re not sure whether it’s common sense to sign it with your name and address.

Tom Ross, Delaware GOP Chair, Threatened With ‘Bullet In The Head’ [HuffPo]

At this point the only question is who the next Horst Weissel will be.

“It is one thing to have your country screwed over by socialists, it is far worse to be backstabbed by people pretending to be your friends”

It’s nice to be the lesser of two evils, for a change.

TJ: For no apparent reason and for the last three hours, there’s been a guy standing on the corner under my office window who has set up a microphone stand, speakers, and amp and has been playing his guitar and singing Jeebus songs. I told a coworker that she should go tell him that our office will pay him 20 bucks to go to another corner. I’m seriously considering calling the cops as he doesn’t even have a good voice.

@SanFranLefty: If he has speakers and amp I bet he’s in violation of a city ordinance. Call the cops. If that doesn’t work pour a bucket of water out of the window.

TJ The great character actor Kevin McCarthy passed away. He was 96 freaking years old. I could almost always count on him being the bad guy on TV shows during my entire lifetime.

@Tony Blair Witch Project and IanJ: The damn windows in my building don’t open, much to my chagrin.

@Dave H: If I could associate that name with anyone other than one of those John Hughes actors from the 80s, I’d probably be sad.

@SanFranLefty: This is why you need to keep a guitar in your office and have the entire repertoire of David Peel memorized. You’ll out obnox any strummer freak and chase him off in with half a chorus of Have a Marijuana.

@Nabisco: McCarthy was most famous for his leading role in the 1956 classic “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. He was not only in the original but he also made a cameo in the Donald Sutherland remake.

I looked at his IMBD entry. He made his first TV appearance in 1949! He had a list of 204 different roles that he played on TV and in movies, the last in 2010. That is quite a career in show biz.

@Nabisco: That’s Andrew McCarthy, darling, star of Pretty in Pink, Weekend at Bernie’s, Less than Zero, St. Elmo’s Fire, the much-disparaged Fresh Horses, the object of my many adolescent fantasies, and who now is allegedly going to be in a movie called Chupacabra with C. Thomas Howell and Jackson Browne’s punching bag Daryl Hannah.




OMFG! How awesome is that??

@FlyingChainSaw: Marijuana, marijuana, hey hey hey, get hiiiiiigh.

Dash Rip Rock was better, though: (Worth a look, if you don’t know it)

@SanFranLefty: The wussy brat-packer, and thus the “safe,” non-threatening boy.

@Dave H: I was astonished to learn that his sister was writer Mary McCarthy.

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