Death Race 2010

From the people who probably brought you the formerly ubiquitous (although we saw one yesterday) “Baby on Board” signs:

West Vancouver officials will roll out a new way to keep drivers alert and slow them down: a little girl speed bump. A trompe-l’œil, the apparently 3D girl located near the École Pauline Johnson Elementary School is actually a 2D pavement painting, similar to the one shown here.

Nice idea, we guess, but here’s the problem: Once the novelty wears off, running over kids is going to become a familiar experience. You’ll just keep driving as usual until thumpthumpthumpthump…

Speed Bumps of the Future: Creepy Optical Illusion Children [Discover, via Yahoo]

I had that same thought as I gazed at the slightly bizarre picture. “Ok, it’s a painting of a girl. That’s fine, but do you seriously expect me to acclimatize myself to running over people now?”

I can see this headline on NewsMax:

Canadians Acculturating Drivers to Infanticide

With a story about death-panel medicine in Canada and how it inspires this kind of violence against the helpless.

Do they put these near Catholic churches? Talk about road rash…

@IanJ: One of the cool bizarre things I learned during high threat driving class was how to put a fast moving Suburban in between four cones, 60 t0 0 in six seconds, without hitting a cone. The didactic method employed by the instructor? Imagine that’s an Afghan kid there. I learned quickly…

On an unrelated note, I’m shocked to learn about all the donor fraud going on out there (scroll a few paras down, under “without further comment”).

this assumes you try to miss little girls I guess.

this seems like a really bad idea. for many reasons.


or how about this.

“ah, its just one of those speed bumb things. uh oh.”

@Nabisco: The Army and National Guard had no such rules. They were told to keep going if they hit something while blowing through Iraqi villages in the dark without lights driving with night vision gear.

BTW, I found an archeological site marker – an aluminum cap with a code number- out in the desert a couple of weeks ago where I go shooting, which is within the area the National Guard used to train in. They did an archeological survey as part of the environmental analysis for the program. To do: pull report from reference section at the library.

a little ot?

this is frightening. a Uwe Boll film on Auschwitz?

I agree with all of this:

It feels like everyone on the internet is collectively already piling onto this one, and why shouldn’t they? Boll is responsible for execrable creations such as Alone in the Dark, Postal, and the Bloodrayne films. For many years, he’s been unwittingly destroying videogames as a credible source of cinematic adaptations and appears to be delusional about the extent of his own directorial capabilities. How could Uwe Boll possibly make a respectable film detailing the atrocities of the Holocaust? Should he even be allowed to try? How WAS he allowed to try?

The trailer itself is extremely disturbing and I’d dare say effective. Judged on its own merits, the teaser conveys the horrors of Auschwitz with some graphic imagery and quasi-decent editing. But attach Boll’s name to it and the picture changes a bit.

I always try to withhold judgment (even if I frequently fail to do so) until I see the finished product . I will, however, venture a guess that the likelihood that this film will handle the story of Auschwitz with skill and subtlety is probably pretty low. What do you guys think?


I think it’s a dumb dumb idea especially if the driver assumes that it’s not a kid and whoops, it is.

Hope they have deep pockets when the first little girl is run over for realz.

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