Three Guys Who Can Play, Yes, Gods

I’ve been listening to DiMeola’s stuff again, Return to Forever and just after that era and it’s entrancing stuff, masterful. But none of it haunts you like like his work with DeLucia and McLaughlin. Check it out.


@FlyingChainSaw: On Martha Stewart, of all places, seriously, she can finger my frets any time.

@FlyingChainSaw: Not to mention my frenulum, which takes a delicate, practiced hand.

Thank you for posting this. It is quite wonderful.

I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Jon McLaughlin lately. A bunch of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra concerts have been released through Wolfgang’s Vault – including my first concert from Waterbury CT, 1973 – so I’ve been digging into them.

I have the Friday Night in San Francisco album on that round black data storage medium. Got it in 78 or so, or was that the speed on the Victrola?

/grabs cane, hobbles off to look . . .

I love Paco de Lucia. I’ve been studying flamenco for 5 years or so and a good friend gave me some of Paco’s stuff to listen to. He’s definitely one of my heroes, but most people that play are my heroes due to my diminutive skills. :P

@hunkamonkiman: I went to a flamenco show one night to listen to the guitars and came away amazed how the percussive effect of the dancers’ heels on the floor is not mere random noise but is instead an integral part of the music.

@redmanlaw: What is the language that the old guys yell in at flamenco shows? If it is a language.

@Dodgerblue: Since flamenco is from Andalusia, and Andalusia is the part of Spain with the heaviest Moorish (and Jewish) influence, I’d wager to guess it’s a mishmash of Spanish and Arabic, if it’s not Spanish.

@SanFranLefty: Depends. More than likely Spanish but, depending on the provenance of the literature, it could be Romani, one of the keystone cultures of flamenco.

I listen to this and just zone out because even when I was at my best as a guitarist I’d never breathe the plateau these cats are on.

(N.B., really: love Paco de Lucia’s stage name. Take the nickname for Francisco and call yourself “de Lucia” to pay tribute to your momma.)

can’t wait to get all this great labor day music into the pod, but i am fucking retarded, you see.
my ipod was left out in the rain, so first i wanted to get it all on my phone.
i go to itunes library on the computer, i download the latest version. i plug my iphone says SYNC ! i say YAY ! the phone says NADA !
WTF. any words of wisdom? they are mighty sick of me at the istore.

@Signal to Noise: Yeah. It’s really nice now Dimeola can play with time sense on those 32nd note runs. Superhuman command.

@hunkamonkiman: Studying as an instrumentalist or as a listener, not that they’re mutually exclusive?

@FlyingChainSaw: Meant to tell you I listened to this linque several times in a row today. Most excellent and soothing when I was having a few meltdowns about work and other things. If you can recommend some albums, etc., of these dudes, definitely do so.

P.S. I noticed that you are on the Book of Faces now with the first name of “FlyingChain” and the last name of “Saw” – I always figured your last name was ChainSaw…and first name was Flying – unless you had hyphenated your last name?

Also, for about a couple more hours on the West Coast, it’s Sonny Rollins’ 80th birthday. Everyone marvel at the Saxophone Colossus (and note how awesome Jim Hall is on guitar with him.)

@SanFranLefty: DiMeola kinda sprawled out of RTF. Lemme look at the mess I call a recording collection and compose a comprehensive discography. I like to daydream about how the popular musical repertoire would have been if the foundational theoretical framework for rock and roll had not come from Mississippi Delta Blues but flamenco.

Get this. The fascist ShitOnYourFaceBook would not allow me to use the first name of Flying. My Christian fucking name, for god’s sakes. I tried all sorts of stuff but the only usable first name it would allow me to enter was FlyingChain. Assholes. I hope the SEC buries Mark Fuckingbirds.

@FlyingChainSaw: Perhaps too many people attempting to sign up as Flying Fuck?

Thx, no rush on the discography – just curious of what I should look for on iTunes because listening to that clip gave me a major flashback to when I lived in Spain almost 20 years ago – reminded me how much I love that flamenco guitar.

The only thing I ever learned to play on the guitar when I was a kid was Kenny Roger’s The Gambler.

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