Not that I whore things a lot (sounds of disbelief followed by naysaying …) but I need everyone’s help. My buddy Otis Harper needs every vote he can get to win his own sports talk show.  Go to and scroll down about halfway – the voting column is on the right.  Vote Otis, vote often – I think you can go there tomorrow, and even Monday morning.  Please – this guy deserves this.


And was able to vote again from my Droid – different ID.

I voted from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Multiple browsers are so handy for ballot box stuffing.

and you can text the number 1 to 66411 – please help Stinquers … this guy is top drawer – helped me make it thru some tough times.

@Mistress Cynica: thanks … he needs every vote. spread it around if you can.

I think I have somewhere around 15 devices in my house. I’ll get to work.

@hunkamonkiman: and I thank you … I have worked with this guy for a few years, and he’s encyclopedic on sports. If he had a radio show, even I would listen (and I generally loathe sports radio, especially since Max Kellerman got canned). Again – thank you.

Voted on all my browsers.

Also, I aced the celebrity “dead or alive” quiz further down the page. Yay me!

TJ/ Mexican hating Hispanic female Palin endorsed GOP candidate up by 6 over incumbent Lt Gov in NM GOV race, per new (objective) poll by evil right wing paper in Albuquerque.

Undecideds = 16 percent.

BTW — Cardinals 5:14 Nationals. Pujols had an RBI ground-rule double and scored a run in the first, however. Poetic justice — individualism is fine, but when the team suffers….

Done and done. Sport. I’m all over it.

I only have one “device” but I voted. Otis is trailing Gregg Sussman by a lot — keep voting, kids!

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