Cyanoacrylate Warriors Attack!

“A climate change protester managed to breach security at the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland by making an appointment to speak to an adviser and then glued herself to a desk.” [The Scotsman]


Words to live by:

[B]ut we are not going to be fooled by their nicey-nicey attitude.

It doesn’t say if she glued her body or her clothes to the desk. Clothes, pshaw, just cut them off, but gluing her body would have been hardcore.

@redmanlaw: Oh not much. Trying to get work done on the first nice weekend day in a month. Blue sky and sun is up above for the first time in weeks. Had a lovely lunch with Walking Still and Mrs. Still today.

@SanFranLefty: Stinque ups are the bomb. I wish I had more than one under my belt.

Espresso and sorbet then I have to work also.

@redmanlaw: Don Corleone?

We just watched an hour of Gravatar, so far Jr. is totally immersed whereas la Bisqueta is, um, whatever.

Went to a Pennsyltucky chautauqua arts festival today, cool art made by aging and not-so-aging hippies who live in and around this funky artist colony nested in the ‘tucky wilds. It’s an annual thing for chez Nabisco, usually I pedal there and back, gorgeous ride.

@Nabisco: My late father in law (Mrs RML’s stepfather) actually went to a few Chautaquas as a youth. He died three years ago (already?) at 98; he would have been 101 a couple of weeks ago.


Just saw a trailer for an 8-part series Kids In The Hall are doing — Death Comes To Town. Now I’m wishing I had TV.

@karen marie: And you, too, could watch the Broncos struggle against the fucking Dee-troit Lions.

/tempted to switch to Cowboys game.

@karen marie: They were not very good first time around. Haven’t seen the new thing.

@Benedick: I liked the “I’m crushing your head” thing. I’m afraid to look at it now in case it wasn’t that funny…

@redmanlaw: Would the Steelers have won if Manning had played?

@karen marie:

I watched Death Comes to Town on CBC and it totally rulz–I highly recommend it.


I am younger than Flavor Flav.

@JNOV: I shall defer to Nabisco on that one.

ADD: Someone’s having a rough day:

Albuquerque police checking on an optometrist who hadn’t shown up to work discovered him unconscious at his home Thursday night and his home in disarray with patient medical records, feces and drugs strewn around the home.
Phillip J. Simmons, who was deemed to have suffered a medical episode, hasn’t been charged yet, but his home was temporarily red tagged as substandard, said T.J. Wilham, Albuquerque public safety spokesman.
Wilham said mice feces, clothes and patient medical records were found strewn throughout the home. Dog and human feces were on the bedroom floor.
Police obtained a warrant and found 2 ounces of heroin, 3 pounds of marijuana and 30 marijuana plants, along with 52 rifles and handguns, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.*

*That’s only 200 boxes of pistol ammo, which most often comes in boxes of 50; or, 500 boxes of rifle ammo, which comes in boxes of 20.

@JNOV: Oh puh-leeze, Sprout.

Hey, the Kardashians all have dark hair and fake boobs – even the non-Kardashian, Bruce Jenner!

@Nabisco: So I guess that makes you the Green Giant, old man?

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