Our afternoon guest columnist is Slacktivist, whom we condemn for inciting raging jealousy within our breast.

Please forgive me for the actions of extremists I have never met who commit acts of violence that I have never advocated

As a white male Baptist, it is my duty today to denounce the violence perpetrated by Patrick Gray Sharp, 29, who yesterday attacked the police headquarters in McKinney, Texas, in a heavily armed but ineffectual assault involving a high-powered rifle, road flares, “gasoline and ammonium nitrate fertilizer.”

I understand that this denunciation must be swift and unambiguous and that, in the absence of such denunciations made by and on behalf of every and all white male Baptists, others are entitled to assume that every white male Baptist is fully in agreement with the actions of Patrick Gray Sharp and to therefore deny white male Baptists the rights others enjoy.

So I denounce this attack and state unequivocally that we white male Baptists do not believe in this kind of violent extremism. I beg you all not to condemn all of us for the actions of this lone member of our community, although of course I will understand if you decide that you must do so and will humbly accept whatever restrictions on our full participation in society that you see fit to impose. That’s only fair.

Editor’s note: If you don’t click through and read the rest, we will shun you.

Please forgive me [Slacktivist]

Wow, now they’re inviting honest-to-goodness REAL fascists to hate on the Mooslems:


Amazing how GLENN BECK can go from thinking Geert Wilders is a fascist in March to sharing a stage with him…

@al2o3cr: I also see a headline that Rudy finally got in on the act, but I don’t have the fortitude to read it right now.

a friend of mine did all those Bart blackboard sequences for about the first 10 years of the series.
the stuff on the blackboard itself I mean. the art. backgrounds sort of.

@Capt Howdy: Well, that’s now two friends of yours who have their fingers in classic modern cartoons.

more probably. I have not told all my hollywood stories.
trying to find stevens website

he has a Simpsons credit way down. we have three or four titles in common. he was as digital domain with me in the 90s. still looking for his real art.
he is gayer than a clutch purse at the tonys.

I think this might be his site but I cant tell because it seems to be blocked here.

I particularly like “substitutional remorse.”

I clicked through, and I’m damn glad I did!

Keef’s about to interview Howard Dean, who opposes the not-mosque. Never got around to mentioning that one.

Dean sez “I find myself somewhere in the middle.”

There’s a middle?

Dean: “This is a tough issue.”

No. No, it’s not.

Because strong, decisive leadership is what the Demonrats are all about.

Dean calls for “fair, responsible, reasonable dialogue.”

Ms. Geller? Line 1.

Dean: “There will be extremes that don’t want to work things out.”

There’s only one extreme, and there’s nothing to work out.

Bonus: He mentions “civil unions” in comparison!

Shorter Dean: Gay Marriage is equivalent to terrorism. Let’s talk!

@Original Andrew: I may have to post this interview when it’s available online. Dean keeps digging his own grave.


I’d love to get Daddy O squirming on tape while advocating separate-but-equal.

Dean: “What about the legitimate people who are really worried about this?”

Fine. Name one.

Dean: Let’s talk about depriving people of their civil rights. We’re sure to find consensus!

Dean: “There are a lot of well-meaning people who are divided into camps here.”

No. No, there are not.

And even if there were, it’s not up for discussion.

And, scene!

Well. All that’s left is to sweep up the ashes.

Downtown community centers for some, tiny AmeriKKKan flags for others.

This is really depressing. I’m going to go home and take my dog for a walk.

@Original Andrew: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the “center” shifts to the Far Right.

@Dodgerblue: Y’know, it’s hard for a private citizen — not in office, not running for office, not even running the party — to do that to me. But there you have it. Yeeeee-HAWWWWW!!!

@nojo: Sure there are. Here are the pertinent camps:

* Gila River War Relocation Center, Arizona
* Granada War Relocation Center, Colorado (AKA “Amache”)
* Heart Mountain War Relocation Center, Wyoming
* Jerome War Relocation Center, Arkansas
* Manzanar War Relocation Center, California
* Minidoka War Relocation Center, Idaho
* Poston War Relocation Center, Arizona
* Rohwer War Relocation Center, Arkansas
* Topaz War Relocation Center, Utah
* Tule Lake War Relocation Center, California

@Walking Still: Don’t forget “Bohemian Grove”, for the uber connected RepubliCons. Been thumbing through my Spy retrospective….


I see a little silhouetteo of a man,
Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton! Can you do the fandango?
Putin in a speedo, that is not so neat-o! See!
(Berlisconi) Berlisconi (Berlisconi) Berlisconi, Berlisconi figaro
Let’s get some Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho ho hos!
They are all rich dudes, tweaking out in the trees,
Ruling class, heads of state, tripping on XTC!
Gingrich in his robes is a monstrosity!
Easy come, easy go, it depends on who who you know.
Kucinech, oh, is not allowed to go!
(Let Him GO!)
No! He’s not allowed to go!
(Let him GO!)
Will not let him go
(Let him go)
Will not let him go
(Let him go) Ah
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I’m glad I got that out of my system.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Tomm, you did not get the credit you deserved for cranking out that little ditty. Well played.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Since William Shatner is planning to cover Bohemian Rhapsody, he should use Tomm’s far superior lyrics.

@Nabisco: @Walking Still:

Thanks guys. You are now my official ministers of culture.


@Benedick: As Minister of Culture, I will attempt to enlighten. Back in the days of yore, there was a pop music combo named Queen, fronted by the magnificent Freddie Mercury.

One of their most memorable ditties was entitled Bohemian Rhapsody, which used music and lyric themes from opera to great effect. The song tore up the pop charts and was a truly bizarre and unique contribution to popular music. It was also used memorably in that classic of the modern cinema – Wayne’s World.

I’m assuming that Nabisco’s reference to Bohemian Grove inspired our Tommcatt to rhapsodize lyrically.

Teh Googlez can, I’m sure, tell you more.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: I don’t know what that song is. I never know what anything is. You all talk about me behind my back. Just cause I’m not cool. Just cause I’ve got a lazy eye and a bit of a limp and don’t know all your lady gaga doesn’t mean I’m not a nice person. We’re all human beings underneath. Some of us.

@Walking Still: I’m humbled by your erudition. I have heard of queens.


You are actually so unhip sometimes you have come out the other side and become mega-cool. Seriously. Anyway, our fondness for you knows no bounds, you know that. There’s few things as enlightening or as flat-out funny as a Benedick post. And I’d never be so crass as to mention the humpback or that strange foot-dragging thing your left leg does when you walk, so you can feel safe with me.

Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I am very human-ish, aren’t I?

@redmanlaw: There are actually quite a few more. Some were multipurpose. Some were specifically penal camps.

I figured the list I provided was sufficient to make my point that this hysteria is leading us on the road back to internment camps.

@redmanlaw: The San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art had an incredibly touching and sad exhibition of the art of the Japanese internment camps.

The Many Mountains website reminds me a lot of that. Thanks for posting the link.

@Walking Still: This is a good place to pay tribute to the Fighting 442nd, the “Go For Broke” regiment in WWII that was the most highly-decorated regiment in the war. Many of the 442nd soldiers, as well as their family members, came from or were in internment camps. There is a monument to them in L.A. in Little Tokyo that is staffed by a couple of garrulous old vets.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: ‘Beesko Edict #1: Drank More Flor De Cana

@Benedick: We are all secretly envious of your workout schedule. How many squat thrusts today, Ben?

@Nabisco: I’ve put it on my birthday present list for Ms. Still.

@Nabisco: I’ve always thought squat thrusts to be highly obscene and, as such, to be encouraged – unlike just about everything else associated with school gym programs.

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