In the wake of Wednesday’s ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, overturning Prop. 8, the American Family Association is calling for Congress to impeach Walker for his decision.

The basis for impeachment:

(1) Walker is gay

(2) The Constitution does not mention marriage, therefore under the 10th Amendment the federal government cannot get involved.

Sigh. You don’t have to be a ConLaw scholar to say, “the stupid, it burns.”

For no other reason  than I know it will get Chicago Bureau’s goat, here’s a 2008 picture of Judge Walker with CB’s favorite Stanford classmate/Sumi-e artist/flautist, which is the top photo of Vaughn Walker on Google Images, oddly enough.

Photo Illustrations: SF Weekly, ValleyZen.

I can’t wait to see how the AFA squares their newfound enthusiasm for the 10th Amendment with their old buddy the Defense of Marriage Act.

Idiots – Constitution doesn’t mention automobiles, but we have airbags, three-point belts, head protection, and antilock brakes b/c of the feds.

Breaking: Marriage isn’t constitutional.

It’s the new bible to those idiots.

If these assholes were on the Island from Lord of the Files, they’d be Conch Originalists.

So by the same reckoning, if this gets to the Supreme Court, the Catholic judges must recuse themselves.

Interesting that the real progress seems to be happening when conservatives and/or Republicans get involved.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: Whatever happened to the Papist Menace? Good times.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: The heteros on SCOTUS should recuse themselves too. Only the asexual and eunuchs can rule – they don’t have a dog in the fight.

Three words: stare decisis [and] Loving. Let them waste their money. It’s a shame ours might be wasted, too, but this thing doesn’t have legs.


Stare decisis didn’t seem to help in Citizen’s United, and you *know* there’s some chunks of the AFA (neé KKK) that would love to take a crack at overturning Loving.

@al2o3cr: Overturn Loving? They want to fucking repeal the 14th Amendment.

I never watch the Sunday news shows but apparently this weekend’s GOP talking point was about how the 14th Amendment should be repealed. We don’t need no stinkin’ due process or equal protection.

I try to remind myself to never underestimate the idiocy potential of the Rethugs, but treating seriously the suggestion that we repeal the 14th Amendment has blown me away. What the fuck is going on in this country?

@SanFranLefty: It wouldn’t pass a popular vote today.

@Dodgerblue: Nor would the 5th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, and 19th amendments.

@Mistress Cynica: I pray the 21st would survive a popular vote.

@nojo: Also breaking: Leaking confidential documents is a federal crime. This one causes eight layers of “ruh roh” to go off in my brain…

ADD: Oh and hey, what’s new Stinquers and Stinquettes? Been off in fambly and Sport land. Hence the new gravatar.

Silent Creative Partner never buys me whores.

@Nabisco: Unfortunately he’s going to also become fodder for the opponents of repealing DADT. Every worse cliche and scenario come to life. He’s got the ghey! OMFG! He might leak secrets!
On a more cheerful note, how long are you hanging out with the Biscuits and Ma Nabisco? Are you going to not-Tibet next? Not-the-DR?

My exes never let me slow dance with their 20 year old nieces either.

@Nabisco: Ruh-roh — Code Pink‘s on it…

I’ve been following it since it started in Wired (a blogger there has a connection that others have questioned), and I really don’t have a take on it. What does surprise me is how last week’s Big Reveal sunk like a rock — I thought the story would play for days, and it didn’t even last until the next morning.

Must have been the volume: a single tape of an Iraq incident has legs. A ton o’ raw field reports doesn’t go anywhere. Even the Pentagon Papers had a narrative.

Freaky TJ: Patricia Neal died today. And I found out when Mr. SFL was looking her up on Wikipedia because I was telling him about how I was reading this awesome excerpt in the Telegraph of a new Roald Dahl biography. He was my favorite writer as a kid.

That’s kind of freaky.

Wait a minute. Isn’t the chick with the strange tits and Moe haircut the one who shat all over the tradition of heterosexual wedding registries on the satanic YouTube? Has anyone told the Focus on the Family people about this angle?

@Nabisco: If you really wanna go deep, here’s Greenwald back in June being more than exhaustive about the Wired connection.

@nojo: Of course, the real Ellsberg in the case is completely ignored because he doesn’t have a website and an attitude.

@SanFranLefty: The Repeal the 14th Amendment started as a way for chickenshit Repugs to pander to their base on immigration. Lindsey Graham being the prime example.

The meme here is delete the 14th and no more birth citizenship, no more anchor babies. These babblers don’t bother to note that to do this one would only need to delete one sentence not the whole foundation for ordered liberty in this country represented by the entire amendment.

However, the gay marriage bun fight will undoubtedly fan the flames of those who will want to get rid of equal protection, privileges and immunities and those other related communist conspiracies.

@Nabisco and nojo: : Just skimmed — federal crime or a crime under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice? Was he active duty or on inactive reserves (even if you enlist for 2-4 years, the military can recall you for up to eight total)? And how does The Pentagon Papers work into this, if at all?

Sorry, I would try to do the analysis. Maybe later, but I’ve still got a shitton of stuff to do to make sure Jr doesn’t have to defer a year, etc., etc., BULLSHIT, etc.

See you soon…

And just WTF is that gravatar thing? Looks like old timey doods like yourself fumbling with a basketball? Maybe I need reading glasses.

@SanFranLefty: Shouldn’t the FRC know about this alliance of satanists?

@SanFranLefty: That’s one of the many layers of “ruh roh” I’ve been working through. On the one hand, sad ghey dude is gonna get skewered as poster child for Why They Shouldn’t Serve, on the other, sad ghey dude obviously had/has Teh Sad and shouldnta been anywhere near secret documents or serving in intelligence. Fooking gubmint.

Hangin with Ma and the biscuits through the end of the month, and yes, looks like a green light for Not Tibet by mid Sept. Ink not dry yet, however, as they say.

@nojo: I read the dead tree version of Wired, but I’m easily six months behind – and limited in my time now to catch up.

@JNOV: Fidel playing The Golf, because who doesn’t think of Fidel and golf at the same time? Another option was Ernesto getting ready to go scuba diving, but I think playing 18 holes with the maximum leader would be la bomba.

ADD: “old timey doods like yourself“????? I’ll have you know that I crushed kept up with “athletes” half my age yesterday in a test of Supreme Endurance. Ectomorphs and all that.

/takes creaky knees off for another epson salt soak/

oh well
at least they are not pushing “second amendment remedies”
or at least not publicly as far as I know.

@FCS — you’ll remember that part of Drue’s invective was devoted to her fear of receiving a waffle maker. The mind reels.

The way Drue has (seemingly) ingratiated herself into SF socialite culture is astounding. It is ink on paper, people, not instant processed Jesus.

10th reunion is coming up. Betcha a dollar she’ll be on a discussion forum or twenty.

@chicago bureau: Right. The FRC needs to know she hates waffles. She might as well be crapping on the new testament and saying prayers to satan.

the news I cant talk about. but others are:

Guillermo del Toro negotiating video game deal with THQ

Writing on LA Times’ Hero Complex blog, Ben Fritz reports that film director Guillermo del Toro is looking to forge a partnership with Red Faction publisher THQ. Though del Toro, who directed Pan’s Labyrinth and almost directed The Hobbit, has refrained from naming the custodian of his video game vision, he recently admitted that he was in talks with a “big company” to collaborate on “technically and narratively very interesting” projects.

THQ is no stranger to films and has adopted an enthusiastic stance on their intersection with games. The publisher is currently preparing an original sci-fi (and Syfy) movie based on the Red Faction franchise, set to debut alongside the latest game in March 2011.

@SanFranLefty: I’m surprised today wasn’t declared a Randian-libertarian day of mourning over at Reason.

@maitri: Ack! Ack! Husband #2 was a Reason Retard devotee retard with a fucking sycophantic adulation of all things Mises, Austrian economics and Hillsdale College. In my defense, I wasn’t aware of all of this bullshit retardedness until after we were married, but, yes, the warning signs were there.

@JNOV: Active duty in Iraq, as I recall. The kid’s majorly screwed.

As far as the Pentagon Papers connection, there’s Ellsberg as a cheerleader for the kid. But it’s more a general comparison than anything specific, relating to a significant war-related document dump, not unlike calling every scandal a Gate since 1973.

@nojo: ::sigh:: Leavenworth for him. I doubt he’ll be executed for treason. ::sigh::

@nojo: Plus, first rule of Secret/Top Secret club is that there is no Secret/Top Secret. That’s the federal criminality. Dunno jack about the Military Code part of it.

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