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Why do I suspect that if I click that source link, I’ll simply want to gouge out my eyes and smother my sickly pulsing brain in sulfuric acid? I have an idea! I won’t look.

Tell me how it ends. I’ma go over here and check out these lovely flowers.

Meanwhile Ed Schultz is ranting about BP. Make him stop.

@Benedick: That’s the mission he’s on, that’s his journey in life: Insufferable pandering.

As an ex-boy scout, I will attest he made, by far, the better choice. That was four years of hell I would not wish on anyone.

Becoming a hippie saved me.

And if he did visit the Scouts, we’d be hearing about “indoctrination”.

@nojo:I will say the boy scouts I dealt with were as resistant to indoctrination as any sociopathic thugs you’d care to name (not that I’m bitter or anything).

However, point taken, he’d probably be accused of trying to enlist them in Homofascist’s Army, the League of Women Voters, or something equally offensive to all right thinking teabaggers (I know, oxymoron).

The father of one of Mrs RML’s very good friends was actually a professional Boy Scout after retiring from the Air Force. Guess it was good for the kids to a point since the guy’s daughter got to do all sorts of cool outdoor stuff (in the less enlightened 60s and 70s), but the regimentation was a bit much for the son, who ran off and became a hard core hippie. Dude is still about African drumming and hitching rides since he has no car. I think he’s a stocker in a independent natural food store or co-op.

The wife of one of my partners is starting a school based outdoor club where she teaches, which is where Son of RML goes to school. He already has a pretty well rounded outdoor background except for stuff involving boats, so he should do OK. We did Scouts in elementary school but were going to drop it at some point because of the gay hate they practice.

And now for some good news: look’s like Son of RML only has a bad ankle sprain, not a fracture. The old white haired doctor cat came in to see him, poked at the supposed fracture site and gave his diagnosis. He should bounce back in no time.

@Walking Still: I think kids on the whole don’t do indoctrination — that’s grown-up stuff.

There was a recent story about children of (I think) Religious Right zealots rebelling, but I don’t recall the details. I do, however, owe my insight on the matter to Repo Man. Or maybe Mad.

@redmanlaw: Great news about your son. Good luck with the rehab.

It would be fun to track a correlationship between boy scout dropouts and hippies (at least in the 60’s and 70’s). It sure seemed like an obvious choice to me at the time.

@Walking Still:

Well, on the upside, extensive training in crafts and woodworking means a Boy-Scout-turned-hippie would never want for a smoking implement…

@Walking Still: My path? Scouts->evangelical church ->(./. brief flirtation with juvenile delinquency)->reg’lar white bread church group ->smoked pot ->Grateful Dead ->grades improved (x discovered the Ramones)->college ->LSD -> Peace Corps!

So yeah, Scouts either lead directly to hippiedom and/or satanism, or to sociamalistic wanderings.

@redmanlaw: I missed the med alert about Jr. Glad he’s fine; the young, they heal quickly. I tripped on my friggin Birks at the creek today and had half a dozen teenagers scrambling to help me up.

@Nabisco: Overall, it sounds like a healthy path to me. Peace Corps is a great resolution to it all. But then I ended up in law school.

@Nabisco: Overall, it sounds like a healthy path to me. Peace Corps is a great resolution to it all. But then I ended up in law school.

@al2o3cr: Point taken. Always being able to figure out how to get a fire started was a closely related skill I acquired there.

@redmanlaw: I’m not a doctor, but I often play one on this board.

Sprains are as painful as (sometimes more so than) fractures, and they often take just as long to heal (6-8 weeks). My best to Son of RML, but also encourage him to treat the sprain as if it’s a fx and not think he should bounce back just because it’s a sprain. Sprains suck ass. Kisses to you and to your boy. Make sure someone fits him properly for his crutches. You can’t walk off a sprain.

@Walking Still: GLADLY yanked my kid out of cub scouts. I didn’t even want him there in the first place. I was 28, and my dad and all these other dudes were like, “Jr. needs a male influence in his life.” I was young and dumb and even though I was coming to terms with being an atheist, I couldn’t get past the anti-gay bullshit. Try explaining all that to a six-year-old boy and these men in your life who think you’re going to fuck up your son because you're not a guy.

So, yeah. I let him do it for a nanosecond. His first leader was cool as shit, older hippie type — looked like Jerry Garcia. But then he moved. His second leader guy berated his son at all the meetings, and I was like, “We’re out!” I started taking him camping myself. Male influence peddlers can suck my ass.

@redmanlaw: What the hell happened to RML Jr.??? I’m with JNOV, and I speak from experience, sprains and torn muscles/ligaments hurt much much more than broken bones. You break it and it’s over.

So did I miss anything? I’ve been in the woods and on the water for a while. No teevee, intermittent wi-fi and cell phone access (only enough to find out about the latest psycho-ness from tweaker psycho neighbor), no newspapers, just clamming and canoeing and kayaking and drinking toasts to my dead aunt and discussing the fall of American society with a bunch of liberal UUs and digging up geoducks and teaching a 7 year old about marine biology and tides and earthquakes and the environment.

/coming back from the grid, not wanting to come back

P.S. I didn’t adopt a kid in case you were wondering. Mr. SFL and I borrowed one of my cousin’s four kids for a couple of days. Best form of birth control invented. I suspect there will be three forms of protection used in the next few months.

@SanFranLefty: Fell off the wall at the climbing gym. We’ll make sure that he doesn’t overdo it.

@Walking Still: If the Boy Scouts want to get interesting kids, they need to establish merit badges in skull fucking and cannibal anarchy.


Or buttsex. My ex-BF was an eagle scout, until they broke his heart and he sent every fucking badge back in the mail.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: “Just throw them in the biohazard bin with all the other badges with the gay cooties.” Assholes.

BTW, local hate radio was just so indignant over this affront to Americanism that they were just slobbering with glee. I haven’t seen this on any actual news outlets, however, only the “Fuck Obama” sector of the webz.

what, no x ray? sounds like the docs around these parts. for every ailment there is “a laying on of hands” we have seen some very good ones recently who want to practice with their ass in the sand, like my ob/gyn, heidi klum. (for newcomers: yes, my gyno is german and gorgeous) get him an x ray, reds! i worry.

never was a girl scout, never a brownie. already deep into Mad mag..

@Walking Still:
a new partner in !!! i went to law school, but i’m a disgrace to the profession. i have only limited privileges left. messy story…why i can’t talk about it much. see: records sealed, questionable sanity, expungements…WELCOME!!!! (hearty handshake)

@baked: Took one last week. Son of RML did not jump when the foot was palpated. The doc we saw has a very good reputation in town although he had to have been about 75 and looked like an old school doc from the movies. The guy who did the ACL reconstruction on my right knee and scoped it 3x retired and he’s only in his 50s.

good to know….
75? pfft. my mothers first cousin is 81. every friday he’s still operating on someone, so that doesn’t throw me. i really do worry. Lefty went on vacation without telling me and i was worried sick.
note to self: get life
and now i’m off to the eye doc who won’t renew my contacts without annoying me. xoxo laters

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