Quadruple Bypass Burger

I might be able to down a Double, but that’s about it:



I love greasy food–burgers, fries, onion rings, fried chicken…etc etc heart attack etc. I’m a fan of the In’N Out Double Double among other gut buster delights–FYI, I’m going to be down SoCal way in late Oct. But I gotta say I’d draw the line at this.

@ManchuCandidate: FIVE GUYS FTW! In ‘n’ Out doesn’t have shit on these dudes…well, except for the name…

@JNOV: Haven’t tried it though we have them here in Manhattan, nor have I tried Five Napkin Burger. But I have been told by multiple people that both are vv good.

When the moment arrives, I think we should all commit to free-range cannibalism.

Ha. I don’t know about US Americans. Too much fat and heavy metals for my liking.

@blogenfreude: Go! I’m kinda sad that they’re slowly going national — don’t know what that’s going to do to the biz, but we clog our arteries with Five Guys about once a month. Good shit.

OH HOLY HELL! GRUYERE?! Shit! If you ever come to Philly, we’re going HERE and having THIS:

good dog burger $11
1/2 lb. of house ground sirloin, stuffed with roquefort cheese, topped with caramelized onions, served on a toasted brioche bun

Served with sweet potato fries…AND BEER!

@nojo: Can’t wait to have a taste.

Considering that I’ve been having some gallbladder issues recently, this makes me violently nauseous and in severe pain at the same time. But any excuse to pop a Lortab is a good one.

ooooh…lortab. it’s monday! med day! they are dispensed to me weekly.
i have no self control and the rat is tired of playing nurse ratchet.

you’re a pupster cubbie, what the hell is wrong with your gallbladder?
i worry.

Someone gave me a slab of fancy bakery cake at a secretary’s birthday lunch at the office last week and I felt like I’d been poisoned. I was tired and my usual vigilance was down when they passed the cake over on a paper plate. I would have been better off with a second helping of Frito pie. Not a dessert guy.

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