In Our Day, Kids Got High On Test Patterns

Kansas News 9 blows open the Shocking Story! of America’s Youth “i-dosing” on binaural mp3 files. Your Stinque Synthedelic Squad investigated a sample of iDrugs available for any child to download in cyberspace, and discovered that Steve Reich doesn’t have anything to worry about, although Terry Riley might need to step up his game.

Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High [Wired]

Turns out the real gateway drug is the Theremin.

Somebody needs to tip Kansas off on the dangers of JENKEM! ;)

If the so-called “adults” in Kansas and Oklahoma are alarmed then i-dosing must be a good thing. I’m waiting to see how long it will take Glenn Beck to point out the obvious connection to the socialist foreigner Muslim in the White House.

Gorecki 3 makes me want to vote commie!

Those Xtian fundamentalists will get my iPhone when they pry it out of my dead cold hand.

Sent from my iPhone.

Steve Reich and Terry Riley before 9 am. I love this blog.

Are pearl necklaces the official accessory of the batshit insane?

@Capt Howdy: Son of RML said when he was about 8 years old that Phillip Glass was the best hip hop he’d ever heard.

@Prommie: When I went into private practice ten years ago, I got Mrs RML a peal necklace amongst much joking that she would be a “firm wife.” The burglars got it and the rest of her pearls the first time they hit us.

I-dosing involves donning headphones and listening to “music”

that honestly leaves me speechless. not a small feat.

Son of RML has these dubstep remixes of Sarah McLaughlin, Gorillaz and Sine-Aid O’Connor and others that are absolutely beautiful and hypnotic.

Mt Eden, Silence remix


there is a pretty wide array of remixed stuff from all three of those guys.
some really good.

smart kid, btw

I could get on board with some of this but I dont think I could give up dumb blond jokes.

Model starts ‘beautiful people’ political party

Sanziana Buruiana wants to heavily tax overweight citizens – at a rate of €10 per kilo overweight – and punish anybody making ‘dumb blonde’ jokes.

‘Anyone like that needs to be put in prison,’ said the 23-year-old.

Other key planks of her policy platform include a €100 fine for infidelity, and a law insisting that only models in bikinis are allowed to work as tourist guides, something she suggests would boost Romania’s popularity as a travel destination.

@Capt Howdy: My fave Beautiful People® event was the formation of a charitable group raising money and awareness and such as called D.I.S.H.E.S. The acronym stands for Determined Involved Supermodels Helping to End Suffering. That is true, I swear to god.

BTW. Finally saw 2012. Wow. It all gets to be a bit too much by the end but stunning visual production. The detail in the action stuff is extraordinarily imagined. And the FX guys really seem to be mastering the weight issue, objects have some heft to them as they move and fall. The great benefit of seeing it on iTunes is that you can speed through the ’emotion’ stuff. I always love in his movies that there is at least one random supporting part played by an actor of ridiculous handsomeness for no apparent reason. In this one it was the Russkie pilot. In ID4 a ‘farmer’ showed up who practically melted the projector’s lenses. Filmaking at its best.

Hey now, don’t be giving Kansas the credit for this crazee. That’s KWTV-9 in Oklahoma City, and the pompous ass at the anchor desk is Kelly Ogle, who also has a brother and father who work in OKC broadcasting. He has a regular feature called “my two cents” that was brilliantly parodied by these bitter (now-ex) employees at the station, who also have a great bit mocking Gary England, KWTV’s weatherman whom you saw in twister:


well you know Emmerich is gay right. he does love his pretty boy reaction shots.

Well, duh, yeah. Casting can be a long boring time. Let’s make it interesting.

Director: Um. Could we take that scene again and could we try it this time without a shirt? K? Yeah, we’re going for a hunkier, edgier Uncle Vanya, K? Let’s just go with it and see where it lands us.

The Russkie pilot was like a handsome David Beckham without that annoying teenage girl voice.


“Yeah. I’ve always seen Chebutykin as more of a bishonen bottom type, you know? There’s a statement there. It’s not about what Checkov was saying, it’s about what he didn’t say.”

@Capt Howdy: A good Dark Star (Grateful Dead version) does it for me.

@Walking Still:

that is the funniest part. the REAL drug music is camouflaged as country rock.
Country Joe


@Walking Still: Who needs Dark Star when you can trip on 47 minutes of Space from that awesome show at The Fillmore, or worse yet, Mickey and his drums going on for 25 minutes while the rest of the band is getting high and taking a leak?

/suffering spouse of a Deadhead…the support group consists of me, baked, and Cynica.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll confess to indulging in potty break during drums. For better or worse, my wife could be a candidate for your group.

@Benedick: “Will you be having wine with your dinner?”

@SanFranLefty: Son of RML told me the other day that “Ripple” is “a really chill song.” Great, that, and there’s the explosion of tie dyeing around here. Our dinner napkins are now tie dyed.

Full disclosure: I do like American Beauty, Workingman’s Dead and Reckoning, which got me into playing drums with brushes and predated the whole Unplugged thing by 10 years.

Metallica Unplugged: I’m Only Happy When it Rains

Home sick today.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: It’s always more fun to go with what the author doesn’t say and put that on the stage. Script is soooooooooo boring.

@flippin eck: Que?

@SanFranLefty: I swear to god, my next house will have a soundproof room. I lie in bed at night, wishing for deafness and dreaming of Proust’s bedroom lined with cork.

@Mistress Cynica: Darling, get Mr. Cynica a nice set of headphones. OTOH, the problem with Mr. SFL walking around listening to three shows a day on his iPod is that trying to have conversations with him in the evening can be difficult, especially if he’s in the other room with the earbuds in. I make him stop listening when we sit down for dinner.
@Walking Still: Tell Mrs. Still she can join us anytime for the Dead bitch session.
@redmanlaw: Yes, they have some good songs. But three shows a day? When we’re on road trips I let Mr. SFL listen to one show per day on the car radio and then it’s other music time.

@SanFranLefty: On the other hand, Mrs RML fucking HATES metal. She’ll come home from errands or giving communion or something and I’ll have the Liquid Metal sat channel blasting on the home theater sytem, or I’ll be jamming on the drums in the garage on trip hop, speed metal, jazz or free from, depending on the mood.

Just got done with laying down some grooves after listening to the bonus disc on the current Lamb of God release. Sometimes I wish I had a double bass drum pedal, but since I don’t play with anyone, it’s not worth the investment. I can use the floor tom for increased heaviosity when needed.

@Mistress Cynica: My out-the-door older son’s bedroom has been converted into my soundproofed “cave”. My wife’s one design requirement was a solid core door.

@SanFranLefty: For road music, we stick to our range of overlap in tastes: Kate Wolf, Stan Rogers, Leonard Cohen and such. I spare her the Dead/Jefferson Airplane etc. She spares me Gregorian Chants. It seems to work.

@Benedick: That was the single line for the extra who Carrie Fisher was auditioning (as she closed the blinds and told him to try it with his shirt off) in Soapdish.

@Walking Still: Our Venn diagram for the road includes Stones, REM, Los Lobos, Al Green, real non-pop pre 80s country music, bluegrass, classical, and scratchy old recordings of Hispanic folk music from here. Mrs RML almost threw me and the kid out of the car one night in San Diegowhen we were singing along to a talk box guitar solo on the Tool song “Jambi.’

Son of RML just plays whatever he wants when we’re on the road. I do like most of it except for that poppy metal that’s all hard then goes into sweet sounding choruses. I hate that shit. All those bands are regulated to the side stages at the Mayhem Festival this weekend, including a couple that were supposed to have made it in the past few years but fell just short.

@Benedick: the FX guys really seem to be mastering the weight issue

Must have handed it off to the Spaniards.

Okay, that’s wayyyy too obscure. The Spaniards were a group of animators on The Incredibles. Whenever the production had a scene where massive weight needed to be properly expressed, the Spaniards got it.

@SanFranLefty: After much pleading (including the magic weapon, tears), I got him to wear earbuds (he hates headphones). This does nothing, unfortunately to muffle his singing along with all his favorites. Hell for me would be an endless loop of Terrapin Station.
I’m to the point where I equate music with noise and never want it on–except occasionally Bach, the only music that calms me. In the car, we listen to NPR or nothing.

@Mistress Cynica: Gabrieli’s music for brass is also very uplifting.

/Just thought I heard the front door knob twist. Might have been shaken by the dryer’s vibrations through the floor.

34 comments and no references to The Matrix or Caprica? I’m shocked.

@nojo: I referenced The Matrix yesterday in the section of my post regarding Korn’s songwriting. Did you mean the movie and not the songwriting/production team?


speaking of effects movies
anyone besides me looking forward to Inception

@redmanlaw: The movie. The one that didn’t suck, not the sequels.

The relation is the use of “digital drugs”. Neo sells them underground, while Caprica’s holo-glasses frighten parents. Neither are sonic, of course, but the uniting theme is fear of Unauthorized Experiences.

@Mistress Cynica:

You mentioned that at our Stinque up. It freaked my friend out, totally. “Who doesn’t like music?”, she kept saying afterward.


lets not forget Strange Days.

(got a credit for that one and did some of the psych effects)

@Capt Howdy: I’m there.

ADD: Re: strange days – cool.


Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers called 2012 “the biggest turd to float to the top of the bowl.” I read that review last November, and I’m still guffawing.

@Capt Howdy:

Oh hay, I was just listening to Walk in Freedom from the Strange Days soundtrack. Love, love, love it!

@Capt Howdy:

One of the best soundtracks ever. I’ve got the CD–totally worth it. The youtubz recordings are a bit garbled.

@Original Andrew:
it is one of the worst movies ever made.
the thing for me was that at the end as the world dies and the rich file on the yachts with their furs and pets we are supposed to give a shit that one boatload of the rich are going to buy the farm.
it is the first movie that I can remember walking out on.
I literally did not stay until the end

@Capt Howdy: Yeah, but LA falling into the Pacific is worth the Netflix slot. You can zoom past the yachts.

@Walking Still:

Any Dead fan that hasn’t heard Grayfolded is totally missing out. In short, it’s a collage work based nearly every live performance of “Dark Star” in the vaults. The first disc is pretty trippy (choir of 2 dozen Jerry Garcias, anyone?), but the second disc goes from the “implausible but almost real jam” of disc one to a completely surreal re-processing.

P.S. Argentina now has full equality for GLBT citizens.


@al2o3cr: Grayfolded is way cool. Disc 1 has gotten a lot of spins at my house. Disc 2 is a little strange even for me.

@Mistress Cynica: Singing along to anything while wearing earbuds is an offense against civility (and probably other things).

@Capt Howdy:

Full confessions: I turned off both Avatar and The Fantastic Mister Fox halfway through. Ugh. People pay money to see that shiz?

@al2o3cr: / puts on Metallica/Jay-Z’s “Double Black” remix cd

99 (Sad But True) Problems

“Oh, great, two of my least favorite genres – metal and rap – ” comments coming in 3, 2, 1 . . .

oh totally
I knew the effects were over when I walked out.

@Original Andrew:

I refused to see Avatar in a theater. I was able to chuckle at home and pause it to play with the Doggie Bears

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I don’t mention it too often because people do look at me like I’m a psychopath. I sometimes think the reason I like Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is because the third line is “You don’t really care for music, do you?” Noise is probably the biggest environmental stressor for me. It’s why I can’t stay in large cities for more than a few days, can’t fly without my Bose noise-cancelling headphone, prefer cats to dogs, and need to be kept away from small children.

@Original Andrew: Peter Travers is a cunt. The film has an extremely entertaining first 45 mins. All done with great bravura and sense of fun. As ever with this genre troubles start when we’re supposed to start believing in the people. The director has a grand sense of balance but doesn’t have a great deal of interest in the actors. Some do just fine while others – yes, Danny Glover, I’m looking at you – conflate earnest whispering with emotion. But the film does a grand job of including parodies of a great many disaster films of yore and is peppered with some pretty good jokes, not the least of which is the destruction of LA’s the 405. (Another good one was the colossal aircraft carrier obliterating the White House; and also the Sistine ceiling ripping apart separating Adam’s finger from God’s: there’s nothing quite the equal of LA symbolism) While the movie’s compendious construction keeps it flying for quite a while its lack of a model as direct as Henry V, which fueled ID4 and helped propel its silliness to the final frame, 2012 becomes ensnared in its ‘who will live and who will die’ structure which almost inevitably gives screenwriters a bad case of the ‘learning experience’ rash. And too the constant need to keep upping the ante starts to bloat the story till the final race to unclog the hydraulics and allow the Ark’s engines to kick in, (courtesy of Poseidon) had me fast-forwarding. But all in all a pretty interesting and sophisticated example of the genre with afore mentioned man-candy front and centre. And the effects are truly astonishing at times. The destruction of LA being chief among them. CGI. How the fuck is it done? And since I’m on my holidays I’m going to go watch it again.

No, Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, if you want to see a turd float to the top before totally screwing the plumbing look to Synecdoche, a movie so astoundingly pretentious and incompetent it makes one hunger for the oeuvre of Dalton Trumbo.

@Original Andrew: I really tried to give Mr. Fox a fair viewing, but I’m growing increasingly settled in my judgment that the last good Wes Anderson movie was Rushmore.

And Avatar? Amusing despite itself. Especially when they start playing with their tails.

there is a deleted sex scene involving the tails on the DVD supposedly.

everything you say is true. still one of the worst movies ever made.
how are the CG effects done? lets have lunch and I will explain it.
I did it for 14 years.


I *heart!* Peter Travers. I’ve been reading his reviews since 1989 (gulp!), and he always makes me double over with laughter regardless if I have any interest in the film he’s reviewing.

@ nojo: True that. I dunno what it is about Wes Anderson’s films–Bottle Rocket was one of the absolute best of the 90s–but all of them after Rushmore make me wanna punch everyone involved in the mouth.


I just praise the FSM that John Cusack redeemed himself with Hot Tub Time Machine.

@Capt Howdy: The writers knew they had a very big problem in the story and tried to paper it over with Oliver Platt yelling “You think life is fair???” a lot. One can’t rejoice with the characters as they triumph at the end as the structure demands because they’re mostly a bunch of assholes. The only way that story works is when, as in Bridge Over the San Luis Ray the disaster is inexplicable and who lives and who dies entirely random and without apparent meaning. They go a long way to pulling it off by establishing a very good parody of the comic book style where characters don’t have motivations but strike attitudes instead. If the acting had had more energy and if they weren’t trying to make us care about them quite so much it might have worked a bit better. They tried to distract us at the end by jumping up and down and waving while the story hits the rocks but it doesn’t really work despite some really fine design going on.

I must say, I thought John Cusack was a very good idea. And very funny that they kept his jacket on him all through the exploding world. Funny moment as he echoes Cary Grant running from the plane when he runs from the exploding meatballs raining down on him.

@Benedick: The story also works if Shelley Winters takes a swim.

thats it
thats what 2012 lacked. big fat butt shots of Shelly swimming her way out of the flood.


Love that one – also the Grey Album (Jay-Z vs. the Beatles).

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