• If you had to choose between sucking off Joe Lieberman and drowning in a fetid shark-infested cesspool, which would it be?
  • Name your favorite natural disaster.
  • How many kittens can you microwave in 45 seconds?

  • Write a haiku about the best dump you’ve ever taken.
  • You’re stranded on a desert island with three of your most beloved relatives. Who do you eat first?
  • Describe the first time a woman laughed at your penis.
  • If you were President for a day, who would assassinate you?
  • Pray to somebody else’s god.
  • Which three crayons would you choose to draw your last case of hemorrhoids?
  • How desperate are you to write something when you have nothing to say?
Overcome Writer’s Block With Plinky Prompts [WordPress]

Prompts [Plinky]


We were not getting it at first till we clicked on the linques. Then we did. We have all kinds of foul things to write about the Victory woman, sorry, gal, and even worse about plinky. We would like to take a massive dump on plinky. We have only one thing to add: shouldn’t it be “whom do you eat first”?

But bravo, noje, for bringing your game to play. We will now go and play with the noise buttons.

6:28 am – off to the backyard for the finishing touches to prepare for the party at Casa RML tonight. Might rain and keep everyone inside, though.

@redmanlaw: Good friend of mine got a new knee recently. She’s still resting and healing. But it should be a big improvement. That operation isn’t always a success but if you get the right surgeon to do it you can have a real improvement. Since you’re active and hike you should be in good shape to get it. Better than suffering a bad knee getting worse.

@Benedick: Of such things are copy-desk arguments made: the book says whom, but the voice says a contextualized colloquialism demands who.

The voice wins, as long as I’m night editor.

@nojo: Normally we would be with %100 on using who in this context. However, are you not using a somewhat heightened diction to suggest disdain? The rather over-structured sentences of the list? In which case the use of whom imputes a layer of genteel over-niceness to the object of your scorn. So yes, we would be using whom satirically.

@Benedick: Since you looked at the original (which is really the punchline), you can see that the heightened diction here follows the style while jacking the content. To the supposed audience for these suggestions, “whom” would seem pedantic, even if grammatically correct.

I actually considered this while writing. The creators of Carson’s old game show, “Who Do You Trust?”, faced the same dilemma.

@nojo: I got that, big guy. The ‘plinky’ (ugh!) site reeks of scrapbooking and creative writing courses. I always go with the spoken choice unless making a point or commenting at WND. Happy Pride!

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