You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Turns out the Obama Administration is redistributionist after all — just like every Administration since Reagan’s:

No group was immune to the downturn. In 2008, as the financial crisis raged, the stock market hit bottom and the Great Recession ate into the economy, the number of millionaires in the United States plunged.

But last year the number of millionaires bounced up sharply, new data show.

And after that decline and rebound, the millionaire class held a larger percentage of the country’s wealth than it did in 2007.

Yes, we know, if only Poor White Trash would recognize their true economic interests, we might get some real action on this front. But they’re aspirational, you see, and now they have even more to aspire to. Everybody wins!

Millionaires make a comeback [LAT]

John Dickinson in 1776, “But don’t forget that most men without property would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, than face the reality of being poor. ” There’s always the Powerball.

dont know about you but I feel much better.

you cant make this stuff up

Angry clowns decry armed robbery by imposters

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – About 100 professional clowns who make money by performing on public buses marched through Salvadoran capital Thursday to protest the killing of a passenger by two imposter clowns. The protesters — wearing oversized bow ties, tiny hats and big yellow pants — marched down San Salvador’s main street in an effort to both entertain and educate passersby.

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