Ronoldo? Feh!

You want a football hottie? I gots your football hottie:

Amy [Taylor] was a soccer player with the Australian national team, and she played on the United States [sic] professionally as well. Back in 2000 she posed for a nude calendar with her team mates. Too bad we could not include the whole team here!


I like the one where she’s wearing the sports bra (linked).

And Bloggie, you want to get this started? Bring it on. But you’ve got to do something with the alt-text to make it even more fun.

@SanFranLefty: Note that I posted a tasteful photo … no abs, no tits, no butt crack. She’s lovely without all that. So sue me.

I’m all for above-the-timestamp feuds, but I’m also for after-the-jump posts of giant photos.

@blogenfreude: My apparent randiness thanks you. Sport is such a healthy pursuit (golf – who knew?).

@blogenfreude: No tits? Well, no nipples, but that’s definitely the top half of her boobehs. Meanwhile, I need to go feast my eyes on Ronaldo and figure out who is going to be tomorrow’s World Cup Hottie. Should I go Asian for Tommy or go Brit or Dutch or German. Or…sigh…Brazilian? So many sexy men on so many teams, so little time.

And: I can help you find more sexy-time photos of female athletes. I heard a rumor that Dodger has a thing for Gabbie Reece.

@SanFranLefty: I heard a rumor that Dodger has a thing for Gabbie Reece. Volleyballers replaced complimented my swimmin wimmin fancy when Gabbie Reece came on the scene. The dudes ain’t bad either, on strictly aesthetic grounds. I kept having to shout “he’s gay!”* at Ma Nabisco whenever Karch Karaly appeared on the screen years ago.

*the default label deployed by partnered str8 men when their better halves develop candy eyes for another male of the species.

It’s RONALDO, not “RONOLDO”. Geez.

@rmadrazo: Thank you for pointing that out. Though I could see why one would get distracted by his hotness and not remember how to spell it.
@Nabisco: What does Ma Nabisco think of Ronaldo?

@Nojo: shit you have me worried – I think I have my photos on today’s posts after the jump but you better check for me…

@SanFranLefty: I do have a thing for Gabby Reese. Regrettably, Laird Hamilton’s thing may be in better shape than mine.

@Dodgerblue: The two of them are going to raise a race of superhumans.

@Dodgerblue: Jesus Christ, you could cut diamonds on that dude’s cheekbones. I agree with Prommie, their kids will be freakishly gorgeous and athletic.

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