Xe Whiz!

It’s a new era in, um, target marketing:

At the Blackwater Pro Shops in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Salem, Connecticut, you can “purchase clothing and equipment emblazoned with the logo,” the Solider Systems blog explains. “If that doesn’t get your blood pumping you can also try out your new firearms at their indoor range.”

Customer tip: Avoid the Genius Bar.

Retail Guns-for-Hire: Blackwater Opens Storefronts [Wired]

Blackwater Pro Shop

Update: Next time you drop by the Blackwater Pro Shop, you might want to make an offer on Blackwater itself.

Sayonara: Blackwater puts itself up for sale [AP/Raw Story]

Been seeing this stuff for years, but I suppose that’s just a reflection of my choice of reading material. The Sig Sauer Blackwater 1911 pistol in .45 cal became a collector’s item overnight when BW changed its name to Xe.

Customer tip #2: Women are advised to preorder official Blackwater Chastity Belts and Rape Kits before attempting to visit the store.

@flippin eck:

A chastity belt *and* a rape kit? That’s tantamount to admitting the chastity belt doesn’t work – WAAAAY to close to truth in advertising for Blackwater. :)

@al2o3cr: Funny you should mention it, as the official Blackwater Rape Kits seem to be problematic too–no one ever gets convicted.

Farewell Stinquers, I’m headed offline for a week. In the spirit of sensible online disclosure, that’s all I’ll say, but I’ll give you details afterwards.

@IanJ: Rivals Beesko and Saw for “Man of Mystery” title.

I thought Blackwater changed its name. Someone from blackwater.com was lurking my blog for awhile. Spooky!

And what’s up with the red, black and green? Are they Black Water Panthers now?

@JNOV: Kinda, sorta, but not really. The former Blackwater training centers for SWAT, military, law enforcement and gun geeks are now cleverly called “the U.S. Training Centers.” Xe is the parent company for that enterprise. Hitting a linque for the blackwaterusa.com website redirects you to ustraining.com. The pro shop linque there takes you to the Blackwater pro shop shown above. Makes you wonder why they even bothered.

@redmanlaw: I predict our own IanJ is going to France to get gay married. You heard it here first.

@Original Andrew: Sheet. That dude posted on my FB status last night re: two boneheads who tried to shoplift from a gun shop here in Santa Fe* where the clerks all pack heat.

*bought three pistols from them over the years, plus a ton of ammo and accessories. I occasionally go oogle the AKs, but I’m pretty much over that.

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