Home Sweet Home

[The Oregonian, written by Nojo college-rag colleague Harry Esteve]

Sarah was gonna address her supplicants by telephone, but then she realized she’d been talking for half an hour and she forgot to dial first.

Folks in Eugene would throw their Birks at her, but they’re too expensive to waste.

Does she think the crowd is Eugene is going to start sieg heiling just because she showed up?

I guess Eugene isn’t REAL US Amuricah.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s either the only Real US America I know, or the place where folks come to escape from Real US America.

Best quote, from the mouth of Caribou Barbie:

It’s going to come down to a pure guts race.

Well, that’s a relief for her supporters – they’ve got *plenty* of extra gut to go around! :)

Did she think that Eugene, being nominally part of the “Northwest”, is magically aligned with her, um, philosophy?

I think she needs to travel east a bit in any of the Pacific states she collects speaking fees from. And way-back-when I lived in Alaska, that would have been true for the frozen north as well.

@Pedonator: Yep. In Bend or Wenatchee, she’d have a crowd full of slavering fanbots. West of the Cascades? Not so much.

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