Your Money’s No Good Here

“A Republican congressman from North Carolina has proposed legislation that would replace the image of President Ulysses S. Grant on the fifty dollar bill with that of President Ronald Reagan.” 79 percent of Americans think that’s a bad idea. As do 71 percent of Republicans. [Marist Poll, via Political Wire]


And on the obverse (whatever) could be a picture of Nancy doing what she did best.

@Benedick: There’s always the Franklin Mint. Although they wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand.

I would support this as long as the used a pic of Jim Carey in this makeup.

gotta watch Rahm fart on Charlie Rose

the shit eating grin after is the best. I cant help liking the guy.

Can you break this Benjamin for two Bonzos?

Sounds about right to me.

@Benedick: Omg, I don’t have enough beer in the fridge to get rid of that image.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: It’s true. At a time when young women starting out were treated with great contempt in Hollywood by studio execs that was a not uncommon way to get ahead. Now it’s more usual among young men. Her prowess is mentioned in several memoirs of the time and was told to me personally by one of Reagan’s biographers (not Kitty Kelly).

@Benedick & @ManchuCandidate:

She’s even better now, since she can take her dentures out.

@Original Andrew:
That’s so wrong, but funny.

Semi-related TJ/ In my university days, I wasn’t smart enough to get a summer engineer job (and there weren’t many around thanks to the recession at the time) so I took any job I could. One of them was being a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman for a month. I actually sold three of them, but my commission was so low that I ended up losing money (minus food etc.) What I gained was the knowledge that some people are pretty fucked up. One of the strangest things that happened was one of my coworkers meeting a randy 65 year old woman who propositioned him with “Ever been gummed by a senior?” It freaked him out that he ran out of the house. Same guy also got hit on by an elderly man who dropped his pants right in front of him. Some guys get all the horny seniors. My personal encounters were not as odd. I had a married woman hit on me in front of her husband (I sold her a vacuum.) She was all over me while her husband just stood there. I was so awkward and clumsy around women that I was speechless and did what I did best in such a situation, ran like hell (after I got her check.) My last week as a salesman, I was working with the boss’ wife. I got a very odd vibe that the wife was “I am curious yellow” as she wore short skirts and revealing blouses as she drove me and another salesman (who was a supervisor that was asked to tag along with us by the boss) around. If I sold a vacuum, I’m almost sure she would have bounced my then virgin awkward bones. My boss reminded me of a Canada City Rush Limbaugh right down to the RW BS and he was an utter asshole but spite fucking wasn’t a good enough reason. If I were a ladies man, maybe, but I was a coward with the ladies back then so I ran. Something didn’t seem right as I think back now and laugh.

Are we done yet? No?

Ronnie called her “Mommy.”

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