All About the Ugly Benjamins

Next time we hear a diatribe about debasing the currency, we may have to agree — this abomination is worth less than a hundred loonies.

U.S. Government Unveils New Design for the $100 Note []

Get Helvetica Off Our Money [via Daring Fireball]



Canada City currency may look like Monopoly money, but at least it’s not gaudy/tacky.

Who designed the bill? Richie Rich?

BTW. What is Coachella? Does it have something to do with the apparent lack of basements in San Diego?

the Auburn Eagles Club is nothing if not practical

I think it’s fine … about time we had some color in our currency.

They can make the bills as ugly as they want, just get rid of the fooking useless pennies and get us some more dollar coins akin to the loony or pound coin. I’m still hoarding the beautiful Sacajaweas and some lovely silver dollar coins I got as change when purchasing NYC and Seattle transit cards, respectively. I probably couldn’t use them anyway because few vendors would recognize them as legal tender.

“See, now that the Messicans are here they’re changing our money. What do you think those ‘casas de cambio’ are all about, anyway? What’s next – eagles and snakes? Fight the demographic change!”*

* What they was all mad about on the Hate Radio the other day.

Next: a redesign of the $2 bill? Please?

@Benedick: Coachella is a place in the desert where thousands of dirty hippies gather every spring to take ecstasy and listen to loud rock music. I don’t think you want to go there.


Speak for yourself! Young Benedick is all about trippin’ at the raves, and so forth. Rolling in the hot desert sun and dancing on the speakers. He is a crunc monsieur.

Tricking people into thinking they’re getting paid in euros is our last best hope of shoring up our own national peso. America is BACK, bitchez!

@Pedonator: In an alternate universe, whenever President Bachmann abrogates the nuclear test ban treaty in 2014, she’ll ask for suggestions and I, being a good American, will suggest that place as ground zero.

@Pedonator: Sounds like Woodstock. Party on, man!!!!!!

@flippin eck:
plus one for this.
loose George and give one and two dollar coins.
I am spoiled by canada.

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