Citroën C6

So it looks like it’s Citroën day here at Stinque.  Another confession: if I moved to Yurp and had a lot of money, I’d get a used C6.  Same sort of self-leveling suspension as the DS – not only can you drive it with a flat, you can drive it if a wheel falls off:

Posted the Fifth Gear test because, quite frankly, Jeremy Clarkson’s test wasn’t as informative. Big surprise.


This guy talks an awful lot. Halfway through before he discusses the suspension angle. We need a car show that starts where it matters. Guy cracks open the neck of a quart of Colt 45 on the roof gutter, gets into the car and savagely hurls it out onto the highway to drive it the very edge of his ability to control it, outwitting cops and finally abandoning it to flee on foot and die in a fire fight with a multi-juridictional task force.

@FlyingChainSaw: On the other hand, we could just talk about the torques produced by the standard diesel engine.

@blogenfreude: Ballsy. But when do we get to abuse a diesel in a battered buggy and hear it scream for mercy as it tries to rip itself free of the motor mounts? You know, real driving?

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