Famous Jewish Sports Legends

They abbreviate themselves JASP, which is probably why they didn’t go with Jewish Americans for Palin. But we’ll let that pass, because we’re fascinated by their mission statement:

Though not at present a candidate for any political office, Gov. Palin’s track record in public office has been exemplary…

That would include:

  • Wasilla City Council, 1992-1996
  • Wasilla Mayor, 1996-2002
  • Alaska Governor, December 2006-July 2009

Wasilla’s population in 2000 was 5,570. Alaska’s population in 2008 was 686,293. Eighteen U.S. cities hold more souls than the largest government Palin briefly ran — including San Francisco (808,976). Nancy Pelosi has more claim to represent real Americans than Sarah Palin.

But we digress. Because really, with a mission statement like that, we need only ask: Is that the best you can do?

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

Well, I guess someone’s got to represent the 18% of Jews who would vote for Palin vs. the 70% who would vote for Obama if the 2012 election were held today.

@Serolf Divad: It’s the Podhoretz/Wolfowitz wing, no doubt.

Major qualification #1: NOT BLACK.
Major qualification #2: Loves Israel THIS much. Only quibble is the whole support Israel so ALL the jews can move there and get blowed up by the ANGRY Ayrabs to start Armagiddumb so that her sect of Xtian fundiness gets to sent to Heben via the Rapture.

I still don’t get that. Seems, just a touch problematic. If I were Jewish, I would really not like the idea that I get vaporized so some ignorant oblivious fat dumbass goyem goes to heaven. And why would I support someone who did?

*Upon further reflection, I’m thinking that those that do presume they can “control” the dummies and prevent Armageddumb. Well, good luck with that. See GOP and Fundies today…

There aren’t a lot of Jews where I live wearing the “I Support The Dumb Shiksa” pins.

it IS a pamphlet!

Famous Jewish Sports Legends
Sports –> Individual

Inspired by the leaflet in the film ‘Airplane.’

Jamie Gold

Jason Marquis
Baseball Player

Larry Brown (NBA)
Basketball Coach

Marv Levy
Football Coach

Jordan Farmar
Basketball Player

Dolph Schayes
Basketball Player

Oksana Baiul
Figure Skater

Steve Stone
Baseball Player

Steve Yeager
Baseball Player

David Beckham
Soccer Player

Louis ‘Red’ Klotz
Basketball Playe

Lyle Alzado
Football Player

Jay Fiedler
Football Player

Hank Greenberg
Baseball Player

Max Baer

Shawn Green
Baseball Player

Shep Messing
Soccer Player

Jerry Reinsdorf
Sports Executive

Pete Sampras
Tennis Player

Jeff Halpern
Hockey Player

Red Auerbach
Basketball Coach

Sasha Cohen
Figure Skater

Sarah Hughes
Figure Skater

Moe Berg
Baseball Player

Sandy Koufax
Baseball Player

Sid Gillman
Football Coach

Joe Weider

Mark Spitz

lyle alzado?? bekham?? whatever…it is indeed a pamphlet.

ps…i had to google, which i almost never do. well blow me down:

lyle alzedo is in fact a jew and the reason bekham always wears long sleeves is to cover up his tatoos–written in hebrew!

manchu…you are so funny! i wonder if we can use the wayback machine to read of my experience with a group of rapture-ites at masada. when i told them i hoped they would die soon, they thanked me profusely.

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