F1 Eff Up

Given the millions spent developing these cars, you’d think they’d be able to get the wheels to stay on:


While warming up yesterday for the Chinese Grand Prix, a massive suspension failure sent both front wheels of Sebastien Buemi’s F1 car rocketing off in opposite directions, leaving Buemi to stare at a wall he now can’t avoid.

Front Wheels Simultaneously Explode Off F1 Car [Jalopnik]

RACE CARS GONE WILD. HOT RUBBER ACTION. Maybe they should superglue those things on. It worked for that construction foreman back in the 1970s.

I’m getting an ad for “Cougarlife.com.” Why?

@RomeGirl: I can’t imagine the wheels coming off at 60 mph, much less 16o.

So far this seems to be the best analogy to Goldman Sacks.

Apparently, it’s going to get worse.


The video is an accurate parallel to what would happen to an average teabagger after reading this:

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

Who knew that the Koch “we don’t sponsor the Tea Party except for when we give it moneys” family has some less-than-perfect roots… Where’s Beck and his chalkboard when you need him? :)

T/J: on yeah, now Joe Torre comes out to pull our pitcher, after the pinche Giants pitcher has 3 RBIs.

Considering they act like Stalinists (that’s why I get for reading the Gulag Archipelago) I’m not shocked.

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