Globs of Joy

“Would a Lava Lamp work in a high-gravity environment such as Jupiter? Would the wax still rise to the surface? Would the blobs be smaller and faster? With broad disagreement on the answers, I built a large centrifuge to find out.”

We’re not sure which we love more: the lava lamp, or the tinkertoy centrifuge.

Lava Lamp Centrifuge [Neil Fraser, via Kottke]

Wait! That’s wax in there? Ugh.

I see we’re making good use of our iPad.

Building toy nerd here. That’s Mecano, a Brit building toy which taught kids the importance of nut drivers and philips screws. The experimenter would have gotten bonus marks from me if he went all Lego (but it wouldn’t have survived the Gs.)

Moar Stormy, she brings out the globs of joy.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Thats what I was calling “globs of joy.” You know, pretzel dough.

I could watch that footage of room spinning all day. Weeeeeeeeee!

@ManchuCandidate: I recognize some of that stuff as being from an Erector Set … ah, childhood. My Lava Lite is red wax w/ a silver base … also a fond childhood memory.

@blogenfreude: Did I say Tinkertoy? I meant erector set. Manchu’s right about what it really is, but I’ve never heard of that system before.

Mr. Pedo has a meccano set in the attic, along with the slot cars. I just want to know when they’ll be employed for kink they are obviously designed for.

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