Waving the Bloody Vestments

Today’s report from the New York Times:

A senior Vatican priest speaking at a Good Friday service compared the uproar over sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church — which have included reports about Pope Benedict XVI’s oversight role in two cases — to the persecution of the Jews, sharply raising the volume in the Vatican’s counterattack.

Today’s retort from Rome:

Noted Italian exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, commented this week that the recent defamatory reporting on Pope Benedict XVI, especially by the New York Times, was “prompted by the devil.”

Now that Tiger dropped Ari Fleischer, did the Vatican hire him?

At Vatican Service, Persecution of Jews Is Invoked [NYT]

Satan behind media attacks on the Pope, asserts Italian exorcist [Catholic News Agency]


What’s that quote, ” Get thee me behind,Satan” ?

sort of takes on a whole new south park meaning doesnt it?

No one expected the Pedophile Inquisition.

TJ/ Goodbye angels.
So long Charlie.

Look, when it comes to persecution of the Jews, the Papacy knows what it’s talking about.

@Dodgerblue: Har. But really, one needs to view throwing a bunch of people into a pit and setting them on fire within the context of the times . . .

I dunno much about Cathoholism, only what I saw on that documentary The Da Vinci Code. Those Opus Dei albinos are gawdam scary.

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