What a maroon: “California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina (R) sent a letter to her supporters yesterday in honor of the first night of the Jewish holiday of Passover, which she described as a time where ‘we break bread and spend time with our families and friends.’[TPM]


It could have been worse.

The original message was: “Oy, this BLT is to die for!”

And Christmas is where we burn an egg and break matzoh! Everybody wins!

To be fair, Carly’s knowledge of Jewish traditions is better than her knowledge of HP.

Looking forward to her Festivus memo.


That could be said of many things, including particle physics.

Goyem announcing their seder plans on twitter and facebook, its as fucking annoying as people who buy “green” shit and drive Priuses, the public preening of the ever-so-trendily intellectually politically correct. Especially when its the same people who spend all the rest of the year as proud atheists, horrified by public creches, and schadenfreuding like mad over the Pope’s bad press, suddenly, they are proudly tweeting and facebooking their seder plans and how wonderrrful spiritual nicey-nice it is. They should all go join Madonna’s talmud cult and be done with it.

did you catch my report on synthetic pot on sunday (I think)

good thing there arent any jews in california.

@Capt Howdy: NO, where is it, how was it? I bought some, myself, but was waiting on your report, sir!

Maybe they like Matzo Ball soup and/or some free food?

The free food is how I ended up going to one family relation’s (who I didn’t like) wedding. Unfortunately, the food sucked and the company sucked even more.

Following up on Dodger’s observation Sunday, are there Magic Jews? Because there are Magic Christians and Magic Negroes. Surely that can’t be the sum of it.

it is definitely something. not pot exactly, but something for sure.
I was saying that if you could bestow that high on someone with a magic wand most people couldnt tell it was not pot.
but the problem, for me at least, came in the smoking since the taste and smell are an important part of the experience and it doesnt smell or taste like pot.
shorter version, it gives you a buzz but it is not a substitute.
not for me. not yet.

in the explorer spirit I wondered, since I read it uses a slightly different set of receptors than THC, what would happen if you did both together.
THAT was interesting. then I fell alseep for 9 hours.

there are definitely Magic Jews. I work with one.
his father (the source of the faith) is east indian. who knew there was a large jewish population in India? and his mother is Puerto Rican.
so naturally this person is an entertainer. and an artist. and funny as hell.

@Prommie: This has become the new trendy edge of ‘tolerance’: intrusion. Suddenly, the retarded lady with the toilet-brush hairdo who nearly murdered HP needs to shove her cross-eyed face into a religious holiday that she can’t pronounce without provoking a facial hernia. Fuck no, lady, you can’t. Take your sorry ass out of here and wait until Easter when you people eat eggs out of each other’s assholes or whatever the fuck it is you do.

@nojo: One of the guests from last night’s Seder is the starting pitcher today for Son of RML’s Catholic school. I told his dad that he could one day be in the Big Book of Jewish Sports Legends. The boys get Thursday and Friday off this week for Easter break. “Gotta love them Catholics,” the pitcher said.

@Prommie: You talking to me? You talking to me?

@Prommie: creches

God, how I love that word. It sounds so perverted.

@redmanlaw: Shortest index in the world. One entry under “K”.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I am sick and tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.

Gefilte fish: lethal.
Matzo balls: I’d rather eat a softball.
Brisket: Barbecue that, please.
Smoked whitefish: Yum.
Smoked salmon: Yum.

On the whole, ain’t noone going for the food. I blame Madonna for making judaism just plain trendy and good for street cred, on the right streets.

Now leave me alone, I am off to attend a traditional Hawaiian ceremony in honor of the great god Lono.

speaking of Lono.
The Curse Of Lono.
the best Hunter Thompson book.

@FlyingChainSaw: Fucking Palin’s passover press release is what got me grumpy, and using passover to take a swipe at Obama, in her ever so classy way.

That and how my facebook news feed is full of all these “goyim,” I stand corrected, davining around in yarmulkes all of a sudden.

I was there fucking first, dammit, I was going to seders in the 80s, you johnny come lately trend-jumping fucks.

In two different law firms, two of them, I was the only fucking goy, or almost, maybe 3 out of 50, in one. Oy gevalt, I had to study yiddish. Why do I answer a question with a question? Why shouldn’t I answer a question with a question?

After Yoga, and my TM, of course, then comes the Lono ceremony.

Christians are such superstitious morons.

@Capt Howdy: But of course, I would have no idea who or what a “Lono” is if not for HST.

But, true story, my best friend from college, we talk now on Facebook, he has become a priest in the traditional Hawaiian religion, full time. He lives on Maui.

@nojo: Shawn Green hit 4 HRs in a game for the Dodgers. But what kinda Jew is named “Shawn”?

Doesn’t this make her more a macaroon than a maroon?

he is not the guy with the blue arm is he?

never mind. wrong book.

@Prommie: Talibunny? Fuck, everyone knows the only place she sees the old testament types is being incinerated in some kind of end-timer scenario. This is beyond cynical, well over the line into psychopathic. But that’s all we expect from the Talibunny.

@Capt Howdy: Later in life he owned a sporting goods store in Pompano Beach, and, when I was about eight, he let me sit on his lap and steer his Cadillac deVille.


The same kind as is named “Derek” i.e. one from California.

@Dodgerblue, Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I have no idea what you manly men are talking about, but I’ve known a few Dereks from California, and they were all smokin’ hot, whatever their tribal provenance.

(I mean, yes, a rose is a rose and a thorn is a thorn, but in my personal experience certain names have lusty resonance, among them Derek and Scott.)

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