Gear Selection FAIL

I’ve had more than a few speeding tickets, but never a finale like this:


Allright, I’ll be the first to say it: probably a teabagger who’s all pissed off at the gummint.

A real teabagger would have been able to convince the cop that his government is a sham, his actions completely illegal and that a real American would be busy turning his gun against elected officials.

At least for me, the embed above is b0rked. It may be ClickToFlash’s fault, though.Linky for anybody else it doesn’t work for.

The dude in the vid does have some decidedly teabaggeresque traits – I particularly love how he seems to continue to pump the gas long after it’s obvious he’s stuck.

FWIW, that video is older than the teabaggers as a “valid” entity, but yeah, he’d fit right in.

@al2o3cr: It may be ClickToFlash’s fault

That’s the first mention I’ve heard of ClickToFlash outside geekdom.

But the video’s fine, and yes, desktop YouTube uses Flash. (iPhone YouTube mainlines the vid itself.)

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