Now they’re mocking Parkinson’s victims:

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Watch yer, cock! Gor blimey, pass the crisps. Gone down the pub. Cheers!

Oh my God!!!!!!!! I’ve reverted to type!!!!!!!!

So, the scrotumgobblers think that, what, if they stomp the parkinson’s guy to death, they’ll get a refund on their insurance premiums?

that makes me embarrassed to be a human

@Capt Howdy:

At least you don’t have to share a town with these douches. And the people quoted from the article aren’t in any way the worst – that’s reserved for the megachurchgoers and Rod Parsley fanatics.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a delightful little gerrymander that means that a heavily Democratic city is split into three Congressional districts, two of which swing Republican (the third did until 2008) thanks to including very conservative suburban and rural voters. (the Columbus metro area is roughly within Franklin County’s border on the map).

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