Someone Needs a Girlfriend

I suppose someone, somewhere, is using this as a daily driver:


And I left my lightsaber at home… [Hemmings Auto Blogs]

More like unable.

I’ll admit that my dream car would be an Aston Martin DB-5, yeah the one from Goldfinger, hell why not!

But I’d keep the James Bond shit out of the way so as to retain a little bit of coolness and not be a old balder version of Chuck.

BTW, I do think the machine guns in the headlights would come in handy.

Fucking leap ahead time.

I fucking hate Daylight Savings Time. Fucks up my sleep patterns for at least a week. It is worse than jet lag.

Fuck you William Willett. I shit on you, your memory and your motherfucking early golf games that inspired you to make everyone else miserable.

@al2o3cr: I love the tone of that article.

Unfortunately it reminds one that if the Demrats really want to push something through, they can. HCR with Public Option comes to mind.

I once saw a sad attempt at a KITT reproduction in a parking lot somewhere. Just made you feel sad, really.

When I was a kid my grandmother had a vacation house in the mountains and every time my mother and aunt would drive my cousins and me up there we’d pass this place by the side of the road that had a Dukes of Hazzard, General Lee, Dodge Charger reproduction. It was all kinds of awesome to see something like that when you’re 10 years old and the show is still the hottest thing on TV.

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