Republicans Work the Ref

Meet Alan Frumin. He’s the Senate Parliamentarian. He’s worked there for thirty-three years. He’ll be making the calls whether elements of healthcare reform are qualified under arcane reconciliation rules.

And Republicans have decided to nail his ass to the wall.

No, they have no sense of decency. Why do you ask?

Republicans cast doubts on Senate parliamentarian [Politico]

President Obama: Congress Owes Nation ‘Final Vote’ On Health Care [TPM]


Riddick’s Rules?

The GOPers have the Fury of the Furians and dumber than Vin Diesel.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s exactly what I thought when I read that…poor Robert’s Rules weren’t good enough for our eeleete Senate?

Just a SF nerd.

@karen marie:
I dunno, he might be sympathetic if the GOPers actually followed the rules they claim to have such reverancee for.

@karen marie: Stunning. And good catch.

The good news, of sorts, is that this is a sign of their desperation. Although if I were Frumin, I’d look both ways before crossing the street.

Hatch, one of the longest-serving senators, said that Democrats will try to “bully [Frumin] and try to get him to make a ruling he wouldn’t ordinarily make.”


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