I have no idea what’s going on (except the ski jumping) because I’ve been too busy to check my Google reader – there are over one thousand pending. I suck. So instead of my usual ranting, I present what is, in my opinion, the second best Bugs Bunny cartoon of all time.



The best being “What’s Opera, Doc?”??


Who doesn’t want to “Kwill the Wabbit?”

Unrelated, but am I the only one that wanted to punch this guy in the face by halfway through the piece?

I think the feeling really took hold in the “companies aren’t going out of business because of the recession” bit.

@al2o3cr: I stopped reading when he advised screwing over your vendors. Setting morality aside, this is not really a sustainable business practice.

He didn’t say don’t pay them. He said net 45. Trust me, this is not a small company scheme. This is what the largest companies do: net 90. It’s primitive as a lot of small businesses are in esoteric businesses and need very specific kinds of supplies, the most accessible being high end restaurants. I dunno if I’d want to be the chef who really needs the really great imported prosciutto that only one providore in town has and have them grumbling about payment. You can often negotiate or keep best prices by letting a supplier know you’ll pay them on demand. He’s grumpy but he’s not wrong or all that unusual. For non-profit and commercial outfits alike, the principal mission is continuity of enterprise.

@al2o3cr: @Dodgerblue:

Hey. I just discovered the source of Republican economic theory. It’s laid out in detail in The Man in the Iron Mask from 1939. There you will find taxes stifling business, tax cuts good, wicked elites taxing small business to buy fancy clothes, supply-side economics and trickle-down prosperity. It’s really bothered me where all that shit originated so I’m very glad to have discovered its source.

Oh. And also good costumes of their kind. And some truly hilarious shenanigans outside Culver City on the road to France Town.

@al2o3cr: I didn’t want to punch him in the face. I felt really sorry for him (and his third wife). What an empty existence and life he has, despite his fancy Palm Beach house and material accoutrements, not to mention he struck me as someone with a sociopathic personality disorder. But I don’t ever think of people like him as “successful”

Went to a wedding in Red America today. Fascinating. The best man and I bonded over Gerber multi-tools.

Thanks for that, Bloggie, thats a gem, and after I started watching, it all came back to me, I know every line.

Isn’t the Looney Tunes theme music wonderful? I saw a short documentary on that music once, long ago, it was a full orchestra and would cost big bucks to do today.

There are two different themes, one for the Looney Tunes, one for the Merry Melodies, they are quite different, but once you get one stuck in your head, its impossible to remember the other one.

@Dodgerblue: @FlyingChainSaw: Here’s what he said: “Honor your word.”

There you go. I don’t mind a client being late. I do mind a client screwing me.

/sticks head inside bar, looks around

bloggie, that was a good one, but there were no acme bombs, and bugs will always prevail. the road runner foils him without the wit of the bugs. so i’m giving it a 6.4

you got me addicted to top gear, so let me return the favor. i’ve been watching endless rocky and bullwinkle every day.
hey, we need more moose and squirrel in these trying times.

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