Bachmann to America: Drop Dead

We’re gonna have to pay royalties to the Daily News if we keep this up…

But hey, it’s one of those days. Michele Bachmann wants to kill off Social Security and Medicare. Everybody already in the system can rest assured that Republicans won’t lose their votes cut off their funding, but everybody else can just suck it:

Basically what we have to do is wean everybody else off. And wean everybody off because we have to take those unfunded net liabilities off our bank sheet, we can’t do it. So we just have to be straight with people. So basically, whoever our nominee is, is going to have to have a Glenn Beck chalkboard and explain to everybody this is the way it is.

Now that’s what we like to hear: Republicans straight-talking themselves into oblivion. And that’s why polls predicting the fall elections are meaningless, because folks, they’re just getting started. You won’t know crazy talk until at least late summer.

Bachmann’s Plan: To Deal With Debt, We Must ‘Wean Everybody’ Off Social Security, Medicare [ThinkProgress]

Let’s get rid of Congressional pensions, too.

Why suddenly so concerned about deficits? According to Dick “Dick” Cheney, they didn’t matter.

that’s why polls predicting the fall elections are meaningless
I think this is totally right. the right wing crazee is the best and possibly the only chance we have. the teabaggers now own the republican party. without them there is no republican party. Lindsey Graham can suck it (and probably has) but I digress.
I spent most of the day making fun of the “pregressives” at talk left who came out of the woodwork do defend Palin for scribbling on her palm. you really need to read the comments in that thread to believe it.

@Capt Howdy: Speaking of which, I’m passing on Fox & Friends’ delightful coverage:

CARLSON: I think she did it on purpose. I think she did it on purpose, yeah. Because it’s an exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter with a script written for you with every word in a sentence and here’s she’s just taking crib notes on her hand. It makes her look like she can just talk off the cuff and she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big long speech.

Watching the Teabagger speech Saturday, I was thinking that the only person who can truly interview Palin properly is Gretchen Carlson.

“a few notes”
dear god.
her left hand probably said, “scribble notes on other hand”

My Critter of Congress told me that Michelle is all crayzee, all the time. What you see on TV is what you get.

I am getting a kick out of the Totally 90s video for Sonic Youth’s Dirty Boots (yes, I’m on a roll with their stuff now). I have to play it for my kid, who loves his flannel and beanie.

TJ: Federal district judge overseeing the Prop 8 case outed by the local fishwrap yesterday. Not that his orientation wasn’t the biggest open secret in Ess Eff, or at least in the legal and ghey communities, just nobody here gives a shit. Expect fundies to go nuts on that if/when he rules against the Prop. H8ers.

ADD – could Mark Leno’s quote be read any more between the lines?

@SanFranLefty: Our Gov. just appointed a local big time “so fucking what – it’s none of your fucking business” lesbanian to the bench. Like you say, everyone knows, her partner is also In a Very High Position, but no one gives a rat’s ass. I was on the judicial nomination committee for that one.

What bugs me is how lawyers with 15 years on the job, often in the court system, don’t stand a chance when “I’ve been practicing for 30 years and know all you guys”-type candidates roll in at the end of their careers and expect to get their names forwarded to the Man. I raised some issues with one guy like that who acted like he’d been fitted for robes and was busy picking hunting dog art for his wall and he didn’t make the cut. Time to go into mediation, pal.

@SanFranLefty: This will dump an avalanche of shit on the case.

However, if homo-judge must recuse himself on account of his uncontrollable lust for sailors (rowwwwrrr) mustn’t Scalia recuse himself for his uncontrollable lust for naked Jew guys nailed to crosses?

@Benedick: I wish. Everybody knows that Walker is gay — that’s why he came in for especially harsh criticism for his work while a lawyer on the wrong side of the gay olympics case. I’m sure the lawyers in the case know it.

@redmanlaw: Yes yes yes, I hold SY in reserve for when my kids ultimately think their music is kewler than mine is (was?). Jr. loves Sly Stone, so things are looking good…


Crucifix lust is officially- and pontifically- sanctioned. Sailor lust is just a long-standing tradition.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Though I kinda think naked Jew guy had mucho lust for ‘fishermen’ out cruisin’ Gaylilee.

“Yo. You walk on the water. Yo.”

@SanFranLefty: On second thought why did this judge not step aside? He has forever tainted the no on 8 case. This will be the stick they use to beat us. He should step down and apologize to all of us who have been injured by his vanity.

Am I wrong? Explain. Please.

Wahtsit and me celebrate our 40th anniversary Feb 10.

@Benedick: Happy, happy anniversary to you and your better half.

Why should he recuse himself? That buys into the BS myth that only white str8 upper-class men are “neutral” and unbiased. Scalia’s not going to recuse himself when this gets up there even though he has a raging case of Opus Dei homophobia. Do we want every black judge recuse herself from race discrimination cases because of her skin color? Every female judge to recuse herself from abortion cases because she has a vagina? A slippery slope indeed.

Walker’s rulings to date in the case have been fair and thoughtful, and have pissed off both sides. He’s being incredibly thorough, he’s made a great record during trial and I have no doubt he will have a detailed comprehensive decision when it is issued. He’s a straight shooter (so to speak) and respected for not being partisan. This isn’t vanity – I’m sure he smacked his forehead against the table when the raffle pinball came up with his name on it. Unless this had been filed as a related case to something already pending in the court, there’s no way to control which judge is assigned the case. But recusing himself would have made it so, so, so much worse and set a terrible precedent.


Forty Years? Good God, man!


@SanFranLefty: Well said.

Also, unrelated, but DC gets 18″ of snow and the federal government closes for two-and-a-half business days (at an alleged cost of $100 million per) and counting? It benefits me personally and all, but come the fuck on.

@mellbell: Note to Al Qaeda: build snow machines, not bombs.

Nojo, its true, the early panic is totally unwarranted, the GOP is just as much in the hands of crazies, and just as discombobulated, as it was a year ago.

But, BUT, big fucking BUT, all elections are local, and the dems will only be able to win, if they can tar the local candidates in each congressional district election, with the crazy. They have to be relentless, in painting the entire GOP as crazy, they have to make the point, that the Scott Brown, who seems innocuous, here in the district, is not innocuous, because he is going to vote with the crazees.

Thats the huge thing. Each individual election is a local election, and each individual GOP candidate is going to be all “Oh, I ain’t one of them crazees.” They have to be tied up and tarred with Crazee, relentlessly, or the dems will still lose.

@mellbell: And another 12 inches tomorrow. They should name this storm “Remington Steele.”

Its time for the dems to have a list of adjectives:

Knee-jerk anger
content-free sound bites

This is not a good list, it should be carefully message-tested, but the words the dems use must be just the right words to peel off the independants, make the independants see this GOP-Racist-Talibunny-teabagger-Paultard movement as insane.

Thats what needs to be done, the independants are the target, and the ones who are amenable to this.

Doing it in conjunction with things like what Obama did last week, with going to the GOP group and engaging, and taking them down, calmly and rationally, this will work.

@nojo: I think the only person with a chance of doing justice to the Total Talibunny in interview is Marty Feldman.

@Promnight: Cynically manipulating the legitimate concerns of the polity to re-establish the GOP kleptocracy that sent America on the road to ruination.

@SanFranLefty: I know you’re right about recusing and such as. But shit.

@Nabisco: Check out my comparison of Zak’s and Moonie’s drumkits over on the game thread. (God, have I been playing the drums for 35 years now? Shee-it.)

happy happy anniversary darling. warms the cockles to hear it’s possible.
i wish you and “your jew who rarely goes outside” another happy and healthy 40. see, i remember everything you say.

ALL elections are local. somebody said that, i can’t remember who…
too busy remembering what benedick says.

@baked: Tip O’Neill
@Benedick: Sure, it would have been better from a subsequent PR point of view if the judge had been some white breeder dude from the suburbs. The attorneys certainly didn’t want to make an issue of this, they didn’t file a recusal motion. The morans who will scream about this in the general public won’t be happy unless we have Atilla the Hun rounding up teh gheyz and putting them in concentration camps, so why make any accommodations or concessions to their closed little minds?

what an awesome den mommy we have!
was on the Tip of my tongue!

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