Flag-Waving Teabaggers Forget Flags

The Super Bowl of Tea Parties is under way in Nashville!

“If you take 1,000 so-called tea partiers and ask them what this movement is, you’ll get 1,000 different interpretations,” said Mark Williams, a talk-radio host and chairman of the Tea Party Express. “But they’re all waving American flags and speaking out against the galloping socialist agenda.”

We hope they brought their own flags, however:

There was no prayer or Pledge of Allegiance to open the convention — nor was there an American flag in the convention hall. ([Convention spokesman Mark] Skoda blamed the oversight on the hotel staff.)

Let’s see: No flags, no prayer, no Pledge — sounds like the Galloping Socialist Agenda is doing just fine.

Tea Party convention begins in Nashville [WaPo]

Thanks Nojo.

We have to gallop now? I was having enough trouble with the goose-stepping.

Well, that is the closest I’ve seen to an honest self-reflection from the teabaggers: “we don’t stand for anything except generic patriotism and NO to whatever the n***er suggests”.

But if everyone’s waving flags, how could they not manage to come up with one? Or for that matter, why didn’t they bring a metric fuckton of them like I’d expect at an event like this – Caribou Barbie needs something to pose in front of, after all.

BTW, Tancredo has already brought the stoopid to the convention.

we are going to have to come up with new adjectives for the crazy.

that was a fun commute.

This should make for a fun weekend.

Jayzus, these tea-tards can’t find a Walmart and buy a 10 dollar 3×5 US flag ASAP? Opryland USA hotel doesn’t have a flag some where? I can run a school assembly better than these fuckwits run a political convention.

Oh sure, blame the hotel staff. So much for personal responsibility.
@Tommmcatt Say Relax: I’m more of an ambling socialist, myself.

But how do they explain no pledge and no prayer? Were they all so depressed because they had no giant flag that they just sat their and cursed god and country?

@Mistress Cynica:

United Socialists Ambling, such as!

Query: Are you kicked out of a tea-bag party if you show up with Earl Grey or some nice black tea from Ceylon or a green tea from Red China? Do they realize that there is no tea grown in US ‘Merika, even if you count the corn-syrup infused Lipton or Snapple?

@al2o3cr: I must admit some empathy for the teabaggers. Some of them has a point, at least about the profligate spending, though if there’s profligate spending going on I’d like it to be directed to something other than “defense” and bailing out banks and such.

But it’s SO OBVIOUS most of the teabaggers are just caught up in an incoherent rage about the fact that a black man is now The Man.

And make no mistake, he is The Man, now with the power to order the assassination of US American citizens who live abroad…actually, you don’t have to live abroad to be targeted by a predator drone, maybe you’re just an environmentalist extremist or some kind of civil rights or constitutional “purist”.

I’m listening to PJ Harvey, circa ’94 or so, and I want her to be Presnident, even if she’s not US American.

@SanFranLefty: Green Tea obviously makes you a terrist.

@iPrick: Perhaps the Walmart in their particular locality found it more profitable to abandon their gigantic parking lot because it just didn’t make dollar sense?

We US Americans loves us some cheap stuff. Even when it comes to food. I constantly hear complaints about how lettuce and tomatoes cost so much, and trying to go local and/or organic is just too much because it may cost a few cents more per pound or whatever. This from people who make close to plus or minus $100K/year.

Where do we think fucking food comes from, and at what cost?

Perhaps they can find a Confederate battle flag to wave.

@Pedonator: Where do we think fucking food comes from, and at what cost?

Albertson’s or Henry’s, usually around five dollars.

@Pedonator: Food in this country is ridiculously cheap. Take away the subsidies and see what a pound of hamburger really costs.


Exactly – if you go back to the teabaggers’ semi-foundational moment, you note that it wasn’t the massive spending on the MIC, or the $13 trillion for the banks, but a much smaller package for foreclosure prevention that brought out the crazee in Santelli. And so many of the “Tea Party” crowd seem terribly upset about things they have no understanding of – or even worse, severe misunderstandings of (see also: the “Keep the Government Out of My Medicare” crowd).

For instance: my parents are both very anti-Obama, anti-HCR, anti-union and avid Fox News watchers. The irony that both of them are retired on public pensions (with public health insurance) after spending their entire careers working for state government (as part of unions) is apparently lost on them…

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