Meet the Press, Starring Jay Leno

We’re having a difficult time wrapping our head around the following exchange Sunday:

MR. GREGORY: In some circles, the president’s been criticized for politicizing this disaster. Do you think that’s fair?

FMR. PRES. BUSH: I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Shrub’s response is being played in some circles as a repudiation of Beck and Limbaugh, who are using the occasion of six-figure death tolls to score cheap political points with their audiences. And we guess it is a repudiation — if you want to go there.

But why go there?

And if you must go there, why not ask instead about Steve King’s Haitian deportation strategy? King’s a congresscritter, after all, not a bloviating multimillionaire — at least that would give the question some semblance of legitimacy.

But since you went there: Why the coy “some circles”, David? Why not cite your sources: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are criticizing Obama for politicizing the disaster. Or are you afraid that would reveal you to be even more of an imbecile than the gentleman you’re interviewing?

Really, just hand the show over to Leno. That’s one he can’t make any worse.


I’m not sure – reading it, Bush’s response sounds more like what a typical person would say if asked, “What do you think about what the Martians say about you?”. In other words, Shrub simply doesn’t KNOW what Rush and Beck have been saying. Why would he start paying attention now – he never did when he actually *had* responsibilities.

Seriously, this is the sort of utter bullshit that made me lose all faith in the mainstream TV media long, long ago. I mean Obama is not even being accused of “politicizing” the Haiti disaster. He’s being accused, essentially, of loving them Haitian earthquake niggers more than the fine white folk who almost lost their lives to a terrorist sand nigger. And while this precise phraseology is not being employed by the right-wing comentariat, it is the unspoken implication of their thinly veiled language.

If you took today’s TV news media and transported them back to August 29, 1955, they’d start their shows by posing the question of whether negro activists were “politicizing” the Emmett Till murder, and they’d bring in a Southern Politician to explain that Till actually himself provoked the murder by whistling at a white woman. Then they would timidly counter “but some people are suggesting that the Klan over-reacted by slaying Till… that maybe a good whipping against a fence post would have sufficed.” And then all would end the show by agreeing that this unfortunate incident could have been avoided if Till had simply known his place.

These guys are worse than despicable.

The majority of TV and WH Corps/Washington types seem to be more into the drama and intrigue of the “game” and not the end results, much like the self important twit and idiot courtiers of kingdoms past.

@Benedick: I’m a sucker for old-school martini gags.

@Serolf Divad: I can’t remember the last time I saw a network newscast. The last time I really watched CNN was for Katrina. MSNBC is about as mainstream as it gets for me. I just wrote off the “news business” (not “journalism”) during the pre-Iraq War days, although the two previous presidential elections nearly did it for me.

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