Blast From The Past

Since I mentioned it in the comments … stick with it at least until he takes the car on the road … imagine seeing that flash by you.  Stunning, at least to this gearhead.

[ NBC Flash video not available. ]

If I were a Flash geek, I’d turn that into a game where you virtually key the Bugatti.

@blogenfreude: You post Leno Car Porn, that’s what you get.

@nojo: Leno or not – you have to admit that it’s a brilliant piece of machinery … even when compared to a Honda Civic.

I saw him once, tooling around in one of his fancy-schmancy automobiles.

@blogenfreude: I think it was either Kimmel or Ferguson who had a joke the other night about being stuffed in its trunk.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Dark again descends…

Conan may be in the hotseat, but everyone takes their lead from Letterman. As long as he keeps bashing Leno, it’s drinks all around.

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