Robert Zemeckis Hoodwinks Studio with “Avatar Beatles” Pitch

In the wake of such crowd-pleasers as live-action versions of The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and Howard the Duck, Robert Zemeckis will be shitting on what’s left of your childhood with a motion-capture remake of Yellow Submarine for Disney. Actors will be donning ping-pong-laden bodysuits for the film, which could be almost as trippy as a Peter Max animation, but probably not. Especially without drugs.

As news of the film breaks, psychologists are already lining up to offer expensive withdrawal programs for depressed filmgoers unable to cope with a reality that doesn’t include floating talking hands.

Robert Zemeckis finds Beatles for ‘Yellow Submarine’ [Hollywood Reporter]

We all live in a mo(tion) cap(ture) machine, a mo-cap machine…

If he fucks with The Jetsons I’m coming for him ….

Not sure which is more depressing: this (taking a thing of beauty and likely dragging it through the mud) or the Clash of the Titans remake (trying to improve upon a classic so-bad-it’s-good movie by making it “actually” good).

@mellbell: I could almost buy it if a director known for his visual style took it on. Zemeckis is not that director.

Clash? Hell, let ’er rip. But save some cheese.

Politics TJ: Tom Campbell dropping out of GOP primary for California governor. So much for being a spoiler. Guess he couldn’t compete with Poizner’s $18 million “loan” to his campaign and Meg’s bottomless pit of money.

Instead, Tom C. will be challenging Carly “John McCain is my pro-choice friend” Fiorina and a crazy pants OC conservative for the primary to challenge Boxer. Interesting….

@SanFranLefty: And in other political news, my Assemblyman’s bill to legalize pot passed out of a crucial committee and on to the floor of the Assembly for full debate and vote.

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