Tweety Found a Nut

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I love seeing my former law-school classmate get smacked around. Ron is ignorant in ways I can’t even begin to describe.


Apparently, Cheney is one of the few people who can answer to Edwin Starr’s song WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?


Tweety and Walsh are close but they don’t get it. The neocon cult is engaging the Obama administration the way CIA covert ops attacked Allende, Lumumba, Mossadegh, Castro, etc. Fund the opposition and radicalize them. Keep the media shrieking. Groom the puppet. Wait for the opportunity to remove the target and move the puppet into place.

@ManchuCandidate: Say it right – CHEENEY – just like Tweety.

Here’s the good news: The Week in Fearmongering has gone absolutely nowhere — just holiday-lull grist for blogs and cable.

@nojo: I just sent Tweety a note under my CandL nom du web telling him he should develop the thesis that he and Ms Walsh tripped over: that the GOP/CheneyCo/Necocon cult has evolved into a paramilitary covert ops nexus that is engaging the Obama administration exactly the way the CIA ops section engaged Mossedegh, Lummumba, Allende, etc. and using the same techniques save, for the nonce, the assassin’s bullet.

@FlyingChainSaw: This is by no means a fresh observation, but I thought we were supposed to respect a Wartime President.

Yeah, I know. Political hypocrisy is Dog Bites Man.

Still: They’ve been praying for a terrorist attack all year, and all they get is flaming underpants.

@nojo: Oh, yeah. Fox had this one guy, looked like a failed Santa, former intelligence something or other, basically praying for Osama to kill Americans, I think on the Cavuto show, so America would get back onto a war-fighting posture. I remember the guy gasping over and over ‘Only Osama’ like he was waiting to be delivered by this guy to a new promised land of random, bankrupting war fighting on 10 fronts. The guy was this close to just jerking off on camera and praying out loud for Jesus to bless Osama with a successful attack on America but this is what passes for general-interest news on Fox.

That was delightful.

This “Ron” person – he’s a closet case, isn’t he?

@Jamie Sommers: Aren’t they all closet cases?

/My NYE 11:30 – midnight spent watching the “Tom Cruise Come out of the Closet” South Park episode on WGN.

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