Questioning Ensign

Now if only someone would confront Vitter:

Finally someone confronts this scumbag. And look – he has a forehead you could show a fucking movie on ….


Rip his fucking face off, Rick. Tear his fucking eyes out and fucking skull fuck this piece of shit to fucking death. ASSHOLE! FUCKING DIE!

@FlyingChainSaw: I’d settle for his resigning in disgrace, but that could work.

@blogenfreude: He’d retire in luxury wandering around daddy’s casinos and extorting blow jobs from hookers. Better he should live his last moments in monstrous horror, having a guy he considers subhuman shoving his dick in his empty, raw eye sockets.

“Everything will take care of itself over time.”

Spoken with the full confidence of a Senator who rightly assumes he is above the law.

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