Michele Bachmann Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds

We never thought we’d find ourselves agreeing with Michele Bachmann, but her fearmongering about the 2010 Census is starting to make sense to us.

If by “making sense” you mean “could backfire in the most delightful manner.”

Here, in three easy steps, is how Bachmann may end up regretting shooting her mouth off once too often:

1. Bachmann frightens Minnesota constituents away from the Census.

2. Minnesota, already 1,100 residents shy of keeping all its congressional seats, ultimately loses to other states because of undercounting.

3. The 2011 DFL-controlled Minnesota legislature looks at Bachmann’s highly gerrymandered district, carves to taste.

This scenario isn’t new, of course — the local rag raised the same issue six months ago when Bachmann first sounded the alarm. But as the Census approaches, and new population projections come to light, just a few god-fearing households following Bachmann’s advice might be enough to bring her home from the war.

Minnesota seat in Congress at stake in census [Star Tribune]

“I’m disssthphicable!!!!!”
-Daffy Bach

The problem is that you don’t know where that seat might end up. A recent report by Election Data Services suggests it might go to a red state. If it goes to Washington state, it would probably go to the Puget Sound region.

In any case, if Ms. Bachmann lost her seat to redistricting it would just be more proof that she was the victim of a leftish conspiracy.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: Our Seattle contingent can overrule me, but I think Puget Sound would be a fair trade. We’re not talking the Palouse, after all.

If they carved a 10th Congressional District out of the 3rd and 8th districts you could still end up with a conservative-to-swing District. Lewis and Clark Counties are the Palouse with trees.

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