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Yes, it’s last year’s Christmas Eve post — but with a new headline! Such is what passes for Tradition in these parts.

The Famous Yule Log [WPIX]

That’s right – the pre-emptive funeral pyre. You get sick and the insurance company sues you for fraud (will be a standard protocol as of tomorrow morning) you can always ask to be thrown upon the PFP.

Does a zombie pop out at minute 1:58 or something? I couldn’t quite bring myself to watch ’till the end.

@Serolf Divad: The yule log broadcast was an annual rite of meditative passage here on the (to quote RML) “coast closest to the Azores”. Back in the day when we were lucky to pull in as many as five channels on the Monkey Ward console – three from Philly and two from New York – this was on all Xmas Eve as we decorated the tree, and in later years, as we got baked on dirt weed before bed.

The fact that it is now available on demand, with various styles of fire and background music, and in HD, cheapens the whole thing for me*. Well, the thing that involved getting baked before bed, at least.

Merry fookin Xmas, stinquers. May you wake up to a stuffed stocking and someone to share it with.

ADD: *Have I ever mentioned how pissed off I am that “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” is no longer shown only once a year (we have it on DVD) and that the “Wizard of Oz” should only be shown at Thanksgiving?

Now get off my lawn!

@Serolf Divad: No, a rescinded health insurance customer throws himself on it at 3:12.

@FlyingChainSaw: To quote one of my favorite lines from “1776”, “That man would depress a hyena.”

Merry Christmas dear Stinquers, especially our ringleader nojo. You are the gift that keeps on giving and you are deeply appreciated.

Oops — thought I set the Log for 9 tonight…

I have a better idea. I can’t stand any more of this crap.

So here, this is why I love this country. And this is what the rest of the world tries to emulate. Radiant. And a foretaste of what the nation can be. Yes, it’s the lip-dub videos from WA. This is my favorite thing I’ve seen all year.

If you haven’t seen these videos yet:

Watch this first

Then watch the reply

@Benedick is Danny Tanner: Awesome, both of them.

Happy Christmas and Good Football, y’all. Me and my ohana are heading off to Maui for a week or so.

@Benedick is Danny Tanner: I almost posted those after Rachel featured them the other night. If I had, I would have dared the kids to match Silent Creative Partner’s lipsync extravaganza.

@Dodgerblue: bastid! Although within a month I’ll be dripping with sweat in some Dutch colonial house with rataan furniture and a wide, white ceiling fan, sipping gin and smoking Morland’s Specials.

@nojo: That’s very funny and very well done but quite different in intent as it’s all satiric and shit. I loved the kids because they’re so innocent and so full of life and fun. I find them very touching.

But, good to know how you spend your days, big gay guy.

@Benedick is Danny Tanner: I had to explain to Pedo the other night that despite all appearances, Silent Creative Partner bats on the coed team.

Footnote on Rachel’s coverage of the vids: Why something as musty as Hall & Oates? That particular song makes a clever appearance in (500) Days of Summer, which is the only way the kids would even know about it.

@nojo: I thought they might have chosen it for its rhythm which is infectious and keeps moving forward. Mayhap their teacher suggested it. Who knows? Have H&O moved beyond retro to vintage or yore?

Perhaps SCP just hasn’t met the right guy yet.

@Benedick is Danny Tanner: Daryl Hall actually has cred as well as chops — he does a cameo on Robert Fripp’s “Exposure” album.

@nojo: Thank God for that! I can sleep easy tonight.

@redmanlaw: Red Star (Belgrade) here, but same to ya. The Big Guy appears to have come and gone, and despite admonitions to the contrary, left tons of swag for the good little biscuits.

@nojo: Daryl Hall actually has cred as well as chops Sadly, he’ll still always be remembered as only half of Hall and Oates, and like the guys on FOX and friends, you’re never quite sure which was which. And I think that Fripp elbowed him out of the way for most of the tracks on Exposure, although he does some singing.

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