The Relationship of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, 1987-2009

Susan Sarandon And Tim Robbins Call It Quits [MTV]

Oh, really — 47 views just like that? Maybe we should go full HuffPo with linkbait celeb news.

I see a much younger man in her future.

Makes you wonder how long they were really together and how long “for the kids’ sake”.

@nojo: Well, you do have a picture of a nearly naked man in the post. That’ll do it every time.

@Serolf Divad: I don’t think she’d pull a Demi…though Robbins is five or six years younger than her.
@nojo: And yes, it is a slow news day. Better this than coverage of “ZOMFG! lines at the airport! bad weather! craziness!” like every other news outlet in this country.

@SanFranLefty: Or ZOMFG! Sarah Palin revives Death Panels on her Facebook page! (Unless someone else wants it, of course.)

Which brings me to a belated response to Tommmcatt: If you’re looking for alt-tags, I have eighteen months of posts to keep you company…

Wow, this is seriously devastating. I always thought they were the most stable non-married couple in the biz. Who’s left, now that Letterman married his longtime gf (then cheated, go figure), Bjork?

@Nabisco: I thought Dave cheated before marriage, but the news leaked after. Not that I’m paying attention.

And yes, slow news day aside, I thought the break-up of a Famous Committed Lefty Relationship was worth posting.

@Nabisco: Cyd Charisse (best legs in the business) and Tony Martin. Yes, I know she died. But still.

@SanFranLefty: ding ding ding!

@nojo: maybe. probably. He’s been a goat for most of his career, I think. Ma Nabisco and I thought this post was worthy of a “no shit!” discussion at the dinner table.

@nojo: Old news. Who’s pestorking her now? I guess I could answer her emails and ask myself, but I don’t want to appear interested.

@SanFranLefty: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

No, he is not dead! SHUT UP!!

I bitch because I care.

Anyway, I self-corrected on that one. I just wasn’t looking, I guess.

@Jamie Sommers: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. But they were all legal and married.

@SanFranLefty: EGR in Pennsyltucky as well. Gap ain’t as big, but neither are the coalgold mines. A thousand of my former union brethren will be out of work by Spring. Again, I somehow managed to fail upwards out of that gig.

What kind of truckjob suckjobs is that referring to, Nojo? Is any blowjob really gross?

TJ: Orrin Hatch in the running for Mylar Gasbag/DbOTD award, blaming the interwebs and those “silly ethics rules” for the intense polarization of the US Senate.

Further TJ: please please please don’t let this be an ethnic. kthxbye

@Nabisco: He talking about the crazy idea that senators should be held to rules of ethics? Or suggesting that because ethics violation accusations are generally made by members of one party against members of the other? I thought that was one of the few positives about a two party system, that the one will keep the other honest.

@Nabisco: I saw a report about that Virginia hostage situation late afternoon, and nothing since. I was starting to think this means its the sherrif’s nephew or something. Seems almost impossible it is an ethnic. First off, if it was, even the very first report would have said “Ethnic takes hostages.” Second, ethnics don’t do this shit. Ask Chris Rock. He goes on for 5 minutes on crazy white people, you never see a black man go postal.

@SanFranLefty: I missed that, I just saw it up at the top of the page today.

@Nabisco: Latest reports just say he has 5 pounds of plastic explosive on him, his car has explosives in it, and he is in a wheelchair and is missing part of a leg, oh, and that all he has asked for is a pizza.

Starting to sound Adkisson-ey. But, 5 pounds of plastic explosive, that will make a crater. I find the coverage surprisingly uninformative, downplayed, quieter than I would have thought, you have to look for it.

Just to say, I haves a heart, I love both of these people, and I has a sad.

Two things:

1) I have no idea what movie that picture is from, but why does Tim Robbins look like he doesn’t have a penis?

2) Are you peeps going to do a pool on when Madoff gets released from jail?

Otherwise, have a happy Christmas, etc.

@karen marie: @ManchuCandidate: And there’s the clever backstory to the photo selection: they met on the set.

Missed opportunities: The alt-tag should have been “You’re no Burt Lancaster.”

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