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0-4, yo.In addition to getting paid for attending an upscale titty bar, America’s Hatemonger Rush Limbaugh was also in the news last week as part of a bid to purchase the St. Louis (when’d that happen?) Rams.

We don’t see a problem with that — George Will’s “violence punctuated by committee meetings” could be stretched to describe Rush’s show as well as professional football — but apparently some athletes who are happy to play for asshole owners draw the line at asshole racist owners:

Limbaugh’s controversial comments are well-known. He resigned from ESPN in 2003 after he said the media were “very desirous that a black quarterback do well” in reference to Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb being overrated. “If he’s rewarded to buy them, congratulations to him,” McNabb said during his weekly press conference. “But I won’t be in St. Louis anytime soon.”

[The Jets’ Bart] Scott says players remember what Limbaugh said, and adds that the NFL would be wise not to allow the nationally syndicated host into the league. “It’s an oxymoron that he criticized Donovan McNabb,” Scott said. “A lot of us took it as more of a racial-type thing. I can only imagine how his players would feel. I know I wouldn’t want to play for him. He’s a jerk. He’s an —.”

What kind of —? In addition to the famous McNabb slam, Rush has also said that “the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” Which, in retrospect, sounds like jealousy instead of criticism: Hillbilly Heroin is so minor league.

Black NFL players crush prospect of playing for a Rush Limbaugh-owned St. Louis Rams [Daily News]

Considering that 2/3(?) of the NFL is black. Limbaugh might have a hard time fielding the first all white team in 60 years.

And the sports related racist quips are actually among Rush’s least objectionable racist rants.

Off topic: hey SFL, I may be speaking at a presser tomorrow with the Governator and Interior Sec. Salazar. Anything you’d like me to say to Ahnold? [ducks]

@Dodgerblue: I’ve got a couple:

Is it true he was on the rent when a bodybuilder? How much did he charge? Oh. And did he do oral and/or rôle-play (which would explain much about his “acting” career) or just worship?

Oh and is it true he had to have his chin and forehead shaved on account of all the juice?


@Benedick: One hears things. However, he has spawned a number of children with Maria.

@Dodgerblue: Ask him if he wants to express his solidarity with the Rape Senators. Ask him if he feels like a complete fraud for having his administration brought low by the same crap that destroyed Gray Davis’ administration. Ask him how it feels to be a punch line.

@Benedick: rôle-play

Ooooooohhh, look at you circumflexing!

@Dodgerblue: Why are you ducking? Do you expect shoes to be thrown at him?

Ask him how he sleeps at night knowing that his petty vindictiveness against Karen Bass and Darrell Steinberg in his illegal veto of the negotiated budget resulted in him slashing another $125 million from foster care and mental health services for children with disabilities, and zeroing out all funding for domestic violence shelters. I hope the ghost of his mother-in-law and of his wife’s uncle haunt him.

@ManchuCandidate: That reminds me of a picture I saw in this week’s Sports Illustrated. In a sidebar article about George Marshall, (the former owner of the Washington DC franchise), there was a picture of neo-Nazis protesting Interior Secretary Stewart Udall’s arm twisting to force Marshall to integrate the team. One of the signs said, “Keep Redskins White.”

Dodgerblue: Screw your appearance with Arnie. Nothing matters anymore.


(goes into corner, wails and bangs head on wall)

[Add: Seriously: Knock ’em dead. We love you.]

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