Oh, You Mean the Stadium

BIRGing is a pre-existing condition.Nebraska to celebrate 300th straight sellout,” reports the AP. Imagine our crushing disappointment when we discovered the story wasn’t about Ben Nelson refusing to commit to blocking a healthcare filibuster, but rather something regarding the Cornholers’ ability to fill seats with butts. That’s enough to make us cry in our beer, and thankfully the kegs at the Stinque Tailgate are never empty.


I’m interrupting your sports watching with a special report:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia chatted with the Brooklyn-based Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamodia this week, and reiterated his opposition to the principle of government neutrality on religion. The conservative jurist said he believes the government should prefer religion to non-religion, state neutrality on religious matters, he said, “is not an accurate representation of what Americans believe.” Scalia added, “I am not sure how Orthodox Jews feel about the Establishment Clause, but I assume they do not like driving God out of public life.”

via Political Animal

You can read the full interview in Hamodia here.

In other news: headline of this week’s Woodstock Times:

Republicans choose Moran.

No kidding.

@karen marie: Hey Nino, I don’t think any Jew expects any help from any government, except maybe Israel. Ask Justice Ginsberg about this.

Jets – (2-0) bitchez – tomorrow at 4:15.

@Dodgerblue: I had originally said “Go Ducks” because the U of O alum in the house (who apparently isn’t a very good U of O alum) told me they were playing U$C today. I don’t actively cheer against the Cal Bears the way I do against the Trojans. And the Sooners.

@SanFranLefty: Correct, the Ducks are sucker-punching the Cal Bears today, up 25-3 at the half.

@Dodgerblue: Was it you who mentioned those new uniforms with the feathers on the shoulders? I saw a picture this week. They’re fuckin’ Ducks, not hawks. Deal with it, Nike.

@Dodgerblue: Cal’s not the only top ten team getting spanked. South Crackolina upset #4 Ole Miss.

ADD: Did anyone watch the Germany-US soccer game this morning? Very frustrating. U.S. dominated the game in terms of ball control but Germany managed to squirt in some goals.

Speaking of Eugene, I’m working on a pro bono site for a local choir right now, and one of their concerts is called “The British Invasion,” featuring songs by, among others, the Bee Gees.

I don’t have the heart to tell them. They’ve already printed the expensive brochures.

@nojo: I believe so, following some mockery by my wife. They’ve toned things down today, sticking with the green and vitamin-piss yellow.

And hey, the BeeGees spoke British, sort of, eh?

@Dodgerblue: In the ’80s, the football coach was so embarrassed by the testicle-shriveling name that he forbid its use, not even the cartoon-inspiring “Fighting Ducks” version. And thus “Big Green” was born.

@nojo: But how many other schools’ mascot isn’t wearing pants?

@SanFranLefty: Does S.F. State have a team? They could go with the assless chaps.

Dux kicking the shit out of U$C 39 – 3 in the 4th.

@SanFranLefty: Depends on whether Naked Frisbee is in season.

@redmanlaw: Actually Cal Berkeley, not the University of Spoiled Children down in the Ghet – to.

blogenfreude: Waitaminnit — didn’t they move the Jets game back to 1:00pm on account of Yom Kippur? Worldwide Leader has Sunday Day Baseball with Yankees – Red Sox this week as a result; they wanted the 8:00pm start but got brushed back. Also.

P.S.: Florida State got punked today. Don’t have any real reason to hate them. Never did anything to me besides foist Bobby Bowden on the world, and offend my bleeding liberal heart with that whole “chop” thing. But it makes me smile anyway.

[Add: Just saw that Kal score against the Ducks. An Annie-Savoy-from-Bull-Durham-worthy “Oh, my” on that one.]

@karen marie:

The most galling part of the interview with Scalia was the bit where he justifies his opposition to abortion on the basis of “[for] several hundred years nobody thought that the Constitution forbade restrictions on the termination of fetal life”. Well, they thought for nearly as long that the Constitution permitted slavery – does he think THAT change was a mistake?

@al2o3cr: Several hundred years?

Let’s try that out:

“From 1100 until 1973, nobody thought that the Constitution…”

Well, that’s technically true. Point, Scalia.

al2o3cr: Tony would probably come back with the 13th Amendment on that one, I guess.

Here’s my bit — what the hell is Tony doing to my First Amendment? “I am not sure how Orthodox Jews feel about the Establishment Clause, but I assume they do not like driving God out of public life.” Yo — mandating prayer is establishing religion. And nice job boiling an entire religious sect into a soundbite which, conveniently, fits into your worldview. Whore.

Back to Sport: STAN 7:0 WASH, Stanford with the ball, middle 1st. Huh.

UPDATE: Stanford wins. A Klitschko wins a fight. One of these is a surprise.

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