Wingnut of the Day

Orly Taitz:

The California judge is a Clinton appointee, for whatever it’s worth.



She makes the faked moon landing conspracists seem reasonable by comparison.

Whenever I hear Orly, I keep expecting Arnold the Pig to show up.

@nojo: Manchu had me giggling for days with his Natasha citation, “Keel mooz an’ squirr’l.”


I’d pay to watch Orly and Arianna Huffington debate… ‘course I might pay money again to be let out early.

@Serolf Divad: Better to have Arianna eating out Orly and Orly shouting her disbelief at being pleasured by “zteenkeenk communist wench and Obama crackhurr! ahaHA!”

I think its possible it actually IS Arianna doing a sort of video comedy troll thing. its really the only thing that makes any sense.

wiping off monitor and keyboard. darlink.

manchu: totally stealing that.

@Serolf Divad and all, what we see here is what I call Slavic Derangement Syndrome. Two out of three natural born Slavs are afflicted with it, and I say that both as the doting husband of one, the second generation descendent of one and as a former resident of the territory that gave meaning to the term “balkanized”.

Go over there, walk up to someone and ask them “so, doesn’t this land actually belong to the Ukranians/Serbs/Slovaks/Albanians/etc.” and you will end up with the Full Taitz. This is why the liquor is so strong, they actually become more logical when drunk.

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