Jenna to NBC, Glenn to Angertown

Glenn Greenwald has a nice little rant posted on Salon, on meritocracy in America, which he put up as a reaction to the totally awesome news that Jenna Bush, who is now Jenna Hager, will be an NBC political correspondent (Suck it, Meghan McCain!).

Greenwald proposes a nice roundtable, with all the little children of famous people, Russerts, Bushes, McCains, Kristols, in some sort of vortex of nepotistic inanity, talking about how Sonia Sotomayor hasn’t earned her spot on the Supreme Court.  Good Stuff.

It’s Time to Embrace American Royalty [Salon]

The two great myths which the elite must believe are that they have earned and deserve what they have, and that the poor likewise deserve their poverty. They react with great anger when either of these myths is challenged in the least.

This nepotism is increasing, exploding, I think, in our society. Football coaches, quarterbacks, police officers, some fields seem to be completely closed to outsiders, with all positions reserved for the children of those now so employed.

It is shit like this that make me understand my old man’s insistence that I get a life of my own and why I will probably do that to anyone who has the misfortune to share 1/2 my DNA. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to help (we all do) but I’d prefer one earns it than is just given it (ie: I’d tutor my kids, but not going to get them a job with the old man.)

The last thing I want is a kid who believes they have earned it because they share DNA.

There are people who can afford to fuck around with their lives and not put forth any effort, I tell Son of RML, because their families will take care of them later. “You are not one of those people,” I tell him. “You’ll have to work for whatever you get.”

Shit. I could have lived a ripe old age not learning, on this day, that Chris Wallace was Mike Wallace’s son. Srsly, I did. not. know. that.

I guess that explains Mike’s bout with depression.

@The Nabisco Quiver: The one good thing about Chris: I can look at him and know that there is one person out there who is a bigger disappointment to his family than I.

Oh wow, nothing could have made me smile more than this article on a crappy Monday morning. What a glorious ray of sunshine!

Ya know, its only what, the 4th, or 5th, generation? Poppy was a legacy, Prescott was a legacy, W was a legacy. Someone who was there once said that the overwhelming characteristics of the Bush I administration was utter incompetence, combined with an overwhelming feeling of complete entitlement. Several generations of this shit makes one think and act like a royal, apparently.

At least the Kennedys tried, and often succeeded, to do things that helped people not as well off as they were. The rest of these pseudo-royals can get bent.

@The Nabisco Quiver: yeah, it’s not like the visual resemblance is that close. Chris looks like a gnomish, shriveled-up version of Mike.

@Signal to Noise: Chris’ face is one any civilized human being would want to stomp.

@FlyingChainSaw: yes. seriously, Chris looks older than his dad does most of the time, aside from the hair. selling your soul must make you age faster in some cases.

@Prommie: I have a brother who cut his teeth with the feds during Bush I, the Ascendancy. At the time he was best known for his ability to send handwritten thank you notes to people. It is only in comparison with his whiskey drip of a son that we grant him some kind of status as a ‘statesman’, which is total bullshit. James Baker fiddled while Bosnia burned.

@Signal to Noise: Plus he has that permanent pucker to his mouth that must have been totes appealing to Murdoch during the pre-hire interview.

Guess Today’s HR Department forgot about the thousands of J-School grads with decades of experience who’re enjoying their new careers of delivering pizzas and cashing unemployment checks. Why hire them when they can have Jenna Boosh read the daily propaganda?

She’ll have to wear a wide brimmed hat and white gloves as the editrix of Today’s society/women’s section.

@Signal to Noise: He didn’t have a soul to sell. He loves getting pubie burn on his face wantonly gobbling the schlongs of fascists.

@Original Andrew: People deserve to get their news from people who matter is the operative philosophy at work.

@redmanlaw: And a lobster bib to catch the loose spooge that will be flying while she gobbles the schlongs of fascists.

@Signal to Noise: Oh, yes, that and the smirk of a complete twit that knows he is a handservant to fascism and loves it, not understanding the crime he is committing.

@Original Andrew: Hmmm, I wonder what UO J-school grad Ann Curry ’78 has to say about it?

Not that I have any take on her one way or another. And although we apparently shared a year on campus, I don’t recall ever crossing paths.

Speaking of which, an Animal House update: Decided to update my generation-old resentment and watch it again. Still lame. But nice campus shots of my freshman year.

@Signal to Noise: The difference between the Bushes and Kennedys is the difference between noblesse oblige and RHIP.

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