The Passion of the Governor

mark.sanford.getty.galLooks like the C Street Master of the Universe is in trouble:

South Carolina state house Republicans are meeting this weekend to discuss “what it would take to force the Republican governor out and how the process would work.” Ever since acknowledging his extramarital affair with an Argentine woman, Gov. Mark Sanford has been under fire for possibly violating state law by flying in expensive business-class seats. Sanford has thus far refused to resign from office, forcing state Republicans toconsider alternative means.

It’s not the schtupping so much as it’s flying business class and charging the state when flying to the schtup.

South Carolina Republicans Will Meet to Discuss Impeachment of Mark Sanford [ThinkProgress]

How massive of a douche is Sanford that even the Repubs want him out?

My guess is that his douchiness is massive enough to have it’s own event horizon (Black Hole of Douchiness.)

If he cared about his wife and kids, he would find a nice high bridge over a rocky ravine and jump. They hate him and find him a source of embarrassment and want him dead.

I sooooooooooo want to write, produce and direct “Marc Sanford: The Musical.”

@Serolf Divad: I’ll help do the field research necessary to find his tango dancing media naranja.

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