Meet Senator Death Panel

Sucking at the public teat since 1958.Title: “Grassley: Senator from Iowa”

Author: Eric Woolson

Rank: 3,249,296

Blurb: None.

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Footnote: This (presidential campaign?) bio for Grassley, perpetual winner of our Douchebag of the Nearest Available Time Slot and non-whoring friend of C Street, was written in 1995 by the future PR Miracle for Mike Huckabee. However, we can find no evidence that the pages aren’t blank.

Grassley: Senator from Iowa [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


Considering his pandering to the dumbest of his base, it should be a popup book.

I’ve seen better cover art on Happy Meals boxes.

@JNOV: I think you’ve nailed it, but it also reminds me of something I would have bought from Scholastic in fifth grade.

Where’s the big white church on the cover to balance the image of the Capitol? How did Woolson miss that critical detail?

I’m a little mystified by the offer of a collectible copy of the book signed by the author for $15 while some lunatic expects to sell a brand new copy for $55.59. Apparently Woolson’s autograph makes the book worth $40.59 less.

@nojo: It’s not a children’s book? I assumed it was for kids (forced to read it in home-skooled English class).

You know you are old when your beauty shot is from when you were 50.

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