But It’s Impolite!

  • Open in case of emergency.“Fox News is lying to you.”
  • “Chuck Grassley is lying to you.”
  • “Sarah Palin is lying to you.”
  • “John Boehner is lying to you.”
  • “Newt Gingrich is lying to you.”
  • “Dick Armey is lying to you.”
  • “Michael Steele is lying to you.”
  • “The National Republican Congressional Committee is lying to you.”
  • “Robert Novak would be lying to you if he was still breathing.”

See, craven Democrats, it’s not that hard. These are not innocent misunderstandings. These are not subtle distinctions. They are deliberate lies. And until you say as much, word for word, you’re nothing but spineless enablers.

Barney Frank excepted.

Obama To Hold Live Strategy Meeting With Organizing For America Supporters [TPM]

odd coincidence?
barney FRANK and al FRANKen have the same wit, brains and candor of another patriot i always admired: ben FRANKlin.

For that matter, Max Baucus is lying to us. Can someone explain to me why a square-headed white guy from a state with 0.0067 of the population of this country gets to decide on my health care choices?

@blogenfreude: Because he represents “real Americans” unlike Boxer or Schumer.

@blogenfreude: Word.

@baked: I think you’re onto something. Or on something. Whatever it is I want some.

The Dems could learn something from two spam subject lines this morning…

You gave me wrong data

You don’t know shit

@baked: Dems should use the FRANKing privilege to get the word out.

Let’s start keeping score…

  • Eric Massa (D-NY) calls Grassley’s Death Panel comments “an act of treason”. TPM thinks that’s a bit harsh. Me, I’m all for counter-hyperbole.
  • NYT: “Administration officials, who maintain that Republicans are badly mischaracterizing the legislation that has emerged from three House committees and the Senate health committee…” No. They are not “badly mischaracterizing”. They are lying. Say it on the record, guys.

Why not use Senator Franken here? I’m sure the man who wrote a book titled Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them wouldn’t have any problem here.

Latest BarryGram…

It feels like a new lie about health insurance reform crops up each day. Government taking over all health care? Not true. Euthanasia for seniors? Couldn’t be more false. Rationing of care? Reform will stop rationing, not increase it.

These lies create fear and anger, and we’re seeing the results around the country. Frightened crowds have flooded town halls, and the office of a Georgia representative was defaced with a swastika.

Six “lies,” almost one per paragraph. They’re getting better.

Just one thing:

these lies are no accident. They’re part of a deliberate plot by the special interests

No, not “special interests.” Specific, identifiable Congresscritters and soothsayers. Call them out by name, please.

For example, Team Sarah also comes calling…

It’s time we do something about politicians who say one thing at home and do another in Washington. Senator Harry Reid says he is pro-life, and now is the time for him to prove it. Abortion is not health care, and Harry Reid should work hard to ensure any health care reform effort honors and respects innocent human life. Now is not the time for political games.

See? Senator Harry Reid. That’s how you do it.

@Signal to Noise: Senator Al can barely manage a Perry Mason anecdote right now. Perhaps once he settles in.

Interesting development in the realm of douchery:
I did nothing ‘legally wrong’
At Least John Ensign isn’t a liar.

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