Teabagger FAIL

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I’ve got a pubic option for them to investigate….

@blogenfreude: A little piece of me died when I read the Texas Monthly article on this episode. It was actually kinda sympathic toward her. Molly Ivins must be rolling over in her grave.

@blogenfreude: @Jamie Sommers: People, she had a repairman to meet. Do you have any idea how hard those things can be to schedule? What’s the life of some felon compared to that?

@Mistress Cynica: Only the cable guy would have been more important.

@redmanlaw: Exactly. Heck, for a cable repairman, one is permitted to run down small children and little old ladies when rushing home in one’s Hummer, under Texas law.

@Mistress Cynica: I believe that it is a matter of federal law that one must hear The Eagles at least once on a roadtrip in the Southwest.

@redmanlaw: You understand what you’re bringing down upon yourself if you mention the Eagles?

But I’ll add Steve Miller to the list. Then duck.

@nojo: I didn’t say I chose to listen to it. It’s what the crappy rural radio station we could get on the New Mexico- Colorado border was playing. There’s so many of them you can’t get the plug in iPod car thingie to find an open frequency for more than 10 minutes.

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