Helicopter and plane crash over Hudson River


NY1 reporting one rescue, one death. UPDATE: NY1 says this is the model of the plane involved.


Hmmm . . . they’re not covering this on the Outdoor Channel.

/cleaning house for baby shower hosted by Mrs RML tomorrow. I accept my confinement stoically*, although I don’t see why I could not have run off to the range while everyone was asleep this morning . . .

ADD: Fuck that shit. Played the drums at punk/thrash/metal speed and levels for half an hour.

CNN had it, but now they’re back to the insipid Ali Velshi.

Time for some fucking metal to sweep and mop by. Later: Enter the Weed Whacker.

How long before Fox interviews a neonazi birther arguing that one of Obama’s personal health-care snipers took out the helicopter because there were old people in it?

Mayor for Life said at news conference that there were no survivors. Damn.

@blogenfreude: How it happened seems so weird.

International Events TJ:
Am I evil in that when I read the news story that an assassination plot against the President of Indonesia was foiled, that the first thing I thought of was Zoolander?

Update re: NorCal v. SoCal Scrabble battle – DodgerBlue beats me again!

This is destroying my preconceived notion that NorCal is the brains of Kaliphonya.

@ManchuCandidate: I think the brains of California are located in the vicinity of Eureka. They grow the best weed thereabouts.

@FlyingChainSaw: Those were Sandmen. There is no Sanctuary.

Fish, and plankton, and sea greens, and protein from the sea. Ready! Fresh as harvest day!

lefty, wtf is going on with our game? i played “woman” for 44 points. can you see that? first they told me it wasn’t my turn, now its telling me i already played it when i hit play again, but it won’t turn color or give me new letters– wtf?
oh and don’t think i’m abandoning THIS are only 2 points ahead!!!!!!!! (maybe we can recreate it and go from there?)

@SanFranLefty: I drew the Z, X and Q, and still only won by a few.


Zoolander references get double-bonus points, although I can’t think of too many.

{Little cough} Pa, I think got the black lung!

Thanks, folks, and goodnight!

@baked: Yeah, and then I went. It’s your turn, or that’s what it’s telling me.

@RZ: My favorite all time scene in the movie is the models fueling up the Jeep to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”

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