Vintage Franken

Remember the good old days?

[ Crooks & Liars Flash video not available. ]

He was just named to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sotomayor confirmation hearings will hopefully be much more entertaining.

I saw somewhere that he would also be on the Indian Affairs Committee, the outfit that helped take Jack Abramoff down.

I love Al Frankin. There’s hostility from the left towards him (like from Randy Rhodes, wtf?) for some reason, but I really do think he deserves props for creating the cultural space that Colbert, Stewart, Maddow, and Olbermann now occupy. Also, I listened to his show for years, and never heard an opinion from him that I didn’t agree with. I’m glad he got seated.

TJ/Show Moe some love.

ADD: WTF is Layne doing over there?

@JNOV sing sin:

Ah, classic JNOV avitar! Lovelovelovelovelove…..

I got yanked from Team Sarah for pointing out that they are ignorant racists. I haz a sad.

My moniker was ‘sally kerns’. I have no shame.

@JNOV sing sin: Be still my heart, a reporter who actually wants to read and interpret a 10K. Do you know this Moe? Can you sign her up here?

@JNOV sing sin: I’ve missed this avatar – it is my favorite b/c she’s such an ass-kicker…just like you

@redmanlaw: True. He’s got Judiciary, Indian Affairs and Health.

@Jamie Sommers: Speaking of the Senate HELP Committee, could it be that Harry Reid grew a set of ovaries/balls? Better late than never.

@SanFranLefty: Maybe. I tend to think that fear is a bigger motivator for him. He doesn’t want to lose this majority next year and, if they crap out on healthcare again, they might just.

i LOVE al franken. read his books. he nails bushco, still my pet grievance.
someday they will be text books on what really went down.
benedick darling, ok, he’s not my favorite comedian, but he’s smart and has balls.
what remains to be seen is whether the senate changes him or he makes a real difference. i haz the Hope.
and if you feel the urge to get enraged, read his “lying liars…” it made me ill, it made him run for a senate seat. keep going after them, senator franken!
ADD: youtube around and watch him destroy billy o, coulter, etc. with subtle controlled humor and smarts. even jon stewart, who handed bill his own ass wasn’t as satisfying.

Uh…. I just watched that.

Was Bill O’Reilly being serious in that attack in the end, or is he being “Bill O’Reilly”?

Because that clip pretty much summed up the entire problem with the Right.

@SanFranLefty: No, no, you are the ass kicker extreme! Whose hair is that? Nancy has a widow’s peak?

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