Sociopaths, the Homeschooled, and the Clinically Insane

It’s all they have left …


I loved Juan Williams’ expression when Kristol was spouting that nonsense.

I get the feeling Kristol doesn’t believe what he’s saying; he just can’t bring himself to acknowledge that the monster he created is destroying the village. (Guess who’s reading Frankenstein right now?)

Boy. He just likes being wrong, doesn’t he?

Problem, Bill, is that Sarah Palin’s a quitter, and Americans don’t like quitters. It’s one thing to step down from one position so that you can devote yourself entirely to a campaign for a higher position. But it’s quite another thing to quit because you got your feelings hurt.

Sarah Palin has no real political future left to her. I fully expect to see her doing “Thighmaster” infomercials in five years alongside Chuck Norris.

Bill, like Mark Sanford, just doesn’t know when to STFU, and keeps digging himself deeper and deeper and deeper.

I’m getting a ad on this page, apparently some kind of Jebus-approved dating service. Sorry, I’m a married secular Jew.

@Serolf Divad: I now have an indelible mental image of her squeezing her thighs on infomercials, an image that no amount of alcohol, nor narcotics, can ever erase.

@Benedick: My daughter claims that the “H” in the expression “Jesus H. Christ” stands for “Hershel.”

@Dodgerblue: I thought it was Horatio. Guess that’s the Episcopal version.

@Mistress Cynica: Do the Episcopals use “Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a pogo stick”?

When I was a kid, my Irish Catholic neighbor, when annoyed, used to say “Jaaaaysus, Mary and Joseph!”

@Dodgerblue: Only when they run out of scotch and valium at the same time.

@Jamie Sommers: Nah, I think he really just thinks she’s swell. I think he thinks he saw something in her during that cruise luncheon that everyone else is just too dumb to see.

@RomeGirl: She grabbed his nuts during the cruise and whispering sweet nothings in his ear about sucking him off while they watched films of the Nuremberg rallies.

@Dodgerblue: I grew up in South Texas so I thought the H stood for “hay-suus” – and I say “popsicle stick” instead of pogo stick.

Kristol is just plain dumb. I suppose thats the only good thing about conservatism, its a playground where intelligence counts for nothing, no need to be smart, or informed, just subscribe to the simple tenets of the faith, and thats all thats needed. Gubmint bad, taxes bad, bomb the brown people, the poor deserve their lot and should be left to starve, fetuses are sacred, immigrants are all illegals, thats about it. Easy stuff.

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