A Break From the Usual Insanity

Fox News takes a momentary detour through the Reality Based Community:

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

UPDATE: Here’s the Google cache of the von Brunn post that Free Republic put up (referenced in the last comment thread). Frightening.



I wouldn’t put Shep in with the rest of the Faux News crowd. He’s been their lone reality-based correspondent for some time now.

Look — Shep may be as conservative as they come over at Fox. He probably is. But these moments of clarity have moved above fad/trend levels. It’s as if he is looking at what’s coming at him and saying, “this is just too much.”

Until further notice: props are in order.

And may I say to all the talking heads out there – it’s “white su-pre-ma-cist”, not “white supremist”. K?

@Jamie Sommers:

I suspect he has a nice ass too. I can’t confirm that, but there’s something “cute butt-y” about him. Like HF.

@chicago bureau: Shep may be as conservative as they come over at Fox.

Shep may be the only conservative at Fox. Everybody else is a charlatan.

@chicago bureau: He took the gig. And you know that all the email that goes into Fox News is non-stop, ‘kill the niggahs! kill the spics! kill the kikes! kill the gays (who aren’t here running the RNC) kill the commie demrats! kill the papists! kill fuckin’ obama! kill the abortionists’ Just like their news coverage. Fox News has been and always will be a hate crime. It’s always been the network of hate. No one should feel bad that this guy suddenly feels surrounded by mouthbreakers, cackling psychopaths and cannibals. In fact, it might make great TV to watch Shep trying to hold off O’Reilly from eating his face on camera.

@FlyingChainSaw: Michael Wolff claimed in his bio that even Rupert disliked the foamers at !!Faux!! news. Too afraid of Ailes to doing anything about it, however.

@Nabisco: Murdoch isn’t a fascist. He just doesn’t care much about anything but growing the business. Early days at the helm of the News in Adelaide, his first paper, inherited from dad, he got into hot water for advocacy journalism on the side of the aboriginals. His father was the first to write up the impending horror Galipoli and the strategic mistakes that were animating it. For Murdoch these days, it’s all about what will serve the Newscorp interests best. China wants Star channel to stop running news with fact? Sure! RNC wants all demonization of non-fascists all the time? No sweat – they’ll remember me when I have a petition before the FCC!

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